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Costa Rica Bulletins - Anuncios

CNS Surf Contest in Esterillos

Kolbi and Adreniline Rush Surf Contest Dominical

Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rica

We work with surf camps and surfing retreats all over Costa Rica. From budget to luxury, for women, groms, and families - check out our featured listings HERE.

Kölbi National Circuit
Playa Hermosa
July 21st, 22nd & 23rd

Visit our Hotels page to see which businesses are certified as sustainable by the ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Institute).

Tide tables for 2017!
Best Beaches in Costa Rica!

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Sep 16th-
Sep 22nd








1+ feet
2 to 3 feet
1 to 2 feet
1+ feet
1 to 2 feet
4 to 6 feet
3+ feet
6 to 9 feet
7 to 10 feet
7 to 10 feet
3 to 5 feet
3 to 5 feet
3 to 5 feet
3 to 5 feet
5 to 7 feet
5 to 7 feet
5 to 7 feet
3 to 4 feet
2+ feet
3 to 4 feet
2 to 3 feet

Central America and Mainland Mexico Short-Range Surf Forecast (Below Report Created Date 9/11)


New long-period S (175-190) fills in, likely peaking later Monday/Tuesday before easing through the remainder of the week and blending with mostly medium period energy from near the equator. Overall wave heights looking to be moderate in size for standouts.

Should have some fun S (175-190) filling in today, likely peaking late and holding size through Tuesday before lingering with a blend of medium period southerly swell through the end of the work week. Deepwater swell heights are expected to be around 3 to 5 feet. Surfwise that’s going to mean a range of surf from waist to head high at less exposed spots to chest to overhead+ along the exposed coast. Magnets and deepwater spots are expected to see bigger wave heights in the range of overhead to well overhead, possibly bigger for spots like Puerto.

As the swell settles and blends with the smaller but steadier mix of southerly (170-220) medium period swell in the water we’re going to see wave heights running more consistently in the waist to head range, with sets at standouts going head high to overhead+.

Sol spot by Austin Gendron




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** NEWS and EVENTS **

9/17 - Hotel La Dolce Vida 2017 Photo Contest. Submit your Entry Today. Learn more here

6/25 - Envision Festival Returns to Costa Rica on February 21-25, 2018. Read more

3/10 - ISLS Spanish, Service & Turtle Rescue Itinerary 2017. Read more

3/6 - Why has February quickly becoming one of the best months to visit Costa Rica? Read more

2/18 - Envision Festival 2017 Review: Workshops you do not want to miss! Read more

- Envision Festival starts in 8 days. If you have not purchased your tickets then you best hurry before they are sold out.
Get Detail Here

1/20 - Manual Antonio Surf School: get 15% discount on any of our surfing packages from 8 Jan 2017 - 11 Feb 2017 - Learn more

1/20 - Witches Rock Surf Camp: Vacation rentals 15% off. Check out rooms and details.


12/16 - Surf Inn Hermosa has new healthy vacation package choices including Learn to Surf, Standup Paddleboard Fitness and PADI Open Water Diver Certification. Learn more at Surf Inn Hermosa website. Mention the Surf Inn Hermosa newsletter and get 20% off your stay at Surf Inn Hermosa!

11/4 - Hotel La Dolce Vida 2016 Photo Contest ~ Submit entry by Nov 19th. Get Contest Details

- 8 Awesome Costa Rica Surf Camps for Women by Women. Read more

8/29 - Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Vacations in Costa Rica. Read more


Specialty Camp: CRsurf has partnered with Fishing Nosara to organize a surf boat charter for advanced surfers coming to Playa Guiones in 2015. This package includes seven nights in a quality rental home with laundry, breakfast, and house cleaning. Boards you can rent (or bring for a discounted rate), plus you get a deluxe four passenger golf cart, and TWO boat tours to remote big wave points or reefs that are not accessible by land. Send us a note if you are interested.

Specialty Camp: How about an exclusive Family Surf Retreat with Del Mar Surf Camp? Private accommodations for four, roundtrip transfers, daily breakfast and lunch, daily surf lessons and equipment, professional photographer, and a custom gift. Plus choose from additional activities like hiking, yoga, or horse back riding. Only $5500 for the whole family for six nights and seven days. Email us to sign up.

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NOW Fully Customizable Surf Trips to meet every budget and skill level !!

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Ten Ways to NOT get your stuff stolen on a surf trip - LINK

Rip Currents and how to Avoid them

Do you need a surf photographer or videographer for your trip? Check out our list of top pros in all corners of the country.

Costa Rica Travel Health Tips for Surf Trips. 10 Ways to not get sick from Montezuma's revenge, traveller's diarrhea, and other related ailments while traveling. Find out more.

Surf Travel Checklist - print and go!

The exit fee for tourists is now $29 if you pay with cash, plus a $10 transaction fee for credit cards. The amount goes for different nationwide projects in Costa Rica.


The best printable Costa Rica travel map I've yet to find on the web, from our friends at MAPCR.com

Bus Schedules for ALL Central America. And here is a PDF showing all of the times for buses in Costa Rica.

Flights from the U.S. and Canada to Costa Rica, showing airport hubs.

Hotel Reviews for Surfers

Check out these surfer health and training tips from Amanda Mason from Del Mar Extreme in Playa Hermosa

Here's a Spanish-language link to check the status of all roads in Costa Rica.

Check out a cool aerial view of the Southwest and Northwest Pacific coastline at www.vrskytour.com

Driving Directions from the airport to the San Jose/Caldera Highway. It's about time..

If you're wondering, where is that POLL?
Check here..


If you are a surf traveler, then you'll love this group of surfer girls who made a movie of their worldwide adventures. Check out - Three Killas y un Kiwi

Buena Vista Villas and Casa Buena Vista Video Tour in Nosara

Del Mar Surf Camp trains women how to surf in Jaco and Nosara on YouTube.


8/16 - Illegal shrimp trawler caught red-handed in Cabo Blanco Marine Managed Area. Read more

7/19 - Global call on Costa Rica to ban export of 8 tons of stockpiled hammerhead shark fins. Read more

6/6 - 5 Hammerhead sharks tagged during expedition to Cocos Island with Sylvia Earl of Mission Blue. Read more

6/1 - Sustainable Costa Rican Tourist Companies Can Get International Certification. Read more

5/25 - Can Costa Rica’s Pacific Coral Reefs Be “Reforested”? Scientists Are Trying. Read more

5/4 - Effectiveness of hammerhead conservation measure questioned. Read more

4/18 - Guanacaste tourism operators and artisanal fishers opposed to sustainable shrimp trawling bill. Read more

3/30 - CREMA joins Fins Attached in call to protect oceanic whitetip sharks. Read more

3/12 - At Long Last Costa Rica Has Plans to Clean Up Its Wastewater. Read more

3/5 - Costas Verdes: The Reforesting of the Coasts of Costa Rica! Read more

3/1 - Culling Sharks Won’t Protect Surfers; Here’s Exactly Why Not. Read more

1/26 - Costa Rican Environmental Groups Demand End to Trawling. Read more

1/13 - “Green” Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s Renewables Conceal Dependence on Oil. Read more

12/31 - Meteor Fireball Flys by Erupting Turrialba Volcano [video]. Read more

12/19 - Costa Rica’s N. Pacific Fishermen Demand Shrimpers Leave. Read more

12/18 - Leonardo Di’Caprio says climate action is U.S.’s “biggest economic opportunity”. Read more

12/16 - Video: Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica and Archie Carr’s Legacy. Discover more

12/3 - Rescue Team Steps in to Help Animal Victims of Hurricane in Costa Rica. Read more

12/2 - Costa Rica Celebrates 68 Years Without an Army. Read more

11/29 - A small town unites to help Hurricane Otto victims – the Costa Rican way. Read more

Top Eco-Videos

Check out the trailer for this video showing the benefits of sustainable tourism and the pitfalls of large scale tourism in Costa Rica on YouTube - The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs

Sylvia Earle talks about protecting the oceans in Central America on YouTube.

New! Find out more about Las Tortugas and the role ecotourism plays in the conservation struggle on YouTube.

Watch and learn about how shark finning in Costa Rica and around the world are killing off shark populations..

See the Hacienda Baru Olive Ridley Turtles hatchery. Read the article about the kids' experience.

NO TUNA FARMS! - This documentary is part of Pretoma's "No Tuna Farms" campaign.





2017 Costa Rica Tide Charts

Here's the NOAA Central America Wave Model for the next 5 days (click the globe)

Central America and Caribbean Wave Model

Daily Surf Videos
from all over Costa Rica


Witches Rock Surf Camp Video
Witchs Rock now has a HD streaming webcam right in front of their surf camp in Tamarindo. Now you can check the waves 24/7 here.

Hermosa Surf Videos

Mal Pais Surf Cam Videos

This table shows when the coasts are best to surf throughout the year on a 1 to 10 scale. (10 is the best) The chart does not factor in "El Niño", just general wind conditions, swell direction, crowds, and wave size. For more info, check on the FAQs and Research pages.
NW Pacific
Central Pacific
South Pacific



Top Surf Videos

Witchs Rock Surf Tours surfing Ollie's Point, starring Luis Castro

Check out Ronald Brown and Carlos Munoz in Hawaii with Volcom's Go Surf video.

Coco Ho and Claire Bevilacqua visiting Santa Teresa to catch a few, from our friends at MalPaiSurfCam.com.

Tony Roberts' newest surf/lifestyle vid of the Guanacaste Coast on YouTube - It's Wide Open

YouTube Vid of Jefferson Tacson (CRSURF rider) and friends at Playa Hermosa. Surfeando en La Chanchera con: - Hnos tascon - Lizbeth Vindas - Jeremy Segura - video por Ezequiel Avaro

Skimboarding in Costa Rica - by Justin Gillis

If you are looking for a reason to surf in Costa Rica - check out this SurfMag.com video!

Tide Charts for Costa Rica

Tide charts for Costa Rica for 2017!

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8/31 - Tomás King Acaba De Meter Un 10.00 Perfecto en El WQS De North Carolina. Read more

8/29 - Leilani Started With Victory In Spain. Read more

8/25 - Tomás King Just Moved To Quarter Finals In Virginia. Read more

8/24 - The Great Generation Sub 12. Read more

8/23 - Carlos Muñoz And Four Ticos More Start Today WQS 3.000 Of Virginia. Read more

8/7 - Cali Muñoz advances to US Open Surfing quarterfinals. Read more

8/6 - Carlos Muñoz Brings the Costa Rica Flag to the Semifinals of the US Open of Surfing. Read more

8/5 - Costa Rican Carlos Muñoz Gets Through to Quarterfinals at US Open of Surfing. Read more

- The stellar fight of the Kölbi National Grand Final REEF Begins. Read more

7/21 - This is the weekend of the REEF Grand Final of the Kölbi National Circuit in Playa Hermosa Jaco! Read more

6/28 - ISA Celebrates StandUp Paddle Inclusion at 2017 Central American Games, Held in Nicaragua. Read more

6/27 - Sean Foerster and Lisbeth Vindas win 5th date of “Kölbi” Surfing Tournament in Jaco. Read more

6/23 - Fifth Date of the Costa Rica Kolbi Surfing Tournament Will Take Place This Weekend in Jaco. Read more

6/17 - The Jaco Cup "INS JOVEN" Campaign to Distribute 1.3 Million Colones to Champions. Read more

6/1 - Costa Rica Ranked 9 at the ISA World Surfing Games. Read more

5/24 - Leilani McGonagle wins bronze medal at World Surfing Games. Read more

- Costa Rica’s national team departs for World Surfing Games in France. Read more

5/15 - Leilani McGonagle and Anthony Fillingim win Fourth Date of Kolbi Surf Tournament. Read more

4/21 - Kölbi National Circuit Moves to Santa Teresa This Weekend. Read more

4/3 - New Triple Crown Masters Winners Light Up The Championship Before The Final. Read more

4/1 - Santa Teresa Receives Triple Crown Masters This Weekend. Read more

3/30 - Jim Hogan Is the New Coach of the National Costa Rican Surfing Team during 2017. Read more

3/27 - Jair Pérez And Emily Gussoni Won The Unit Cup in Puerto Viejo last weekend. Read more

- Surfers Come To Puerto Viejo This Weekend to Compete in the Kölbi National Circuit. Read more

2/19 - La Isla Pro 2017 in Isla Uvita, Limon, Costa Rica. Dates of Contest: February 25th and 26th. Read more

2/18 - Triple Corona 2017 Surf Contest - Playa Guiones de Nosara - Dates of Contest: February 25th and 26th. Read more

1/23 - Jason Torres and Coral Wiggins Won the HookD Cup last weekend in Dominical, Costa Rica (KÖLBI NATIONAL CIRCUIT) Read more

1/22 -Leilani McGonagle placed second in Heat 2 in Round 2 at the Subway Surf Series Pro Junior at Cronulla. Read more

1/20 - Hookd Cup Inaugurates Kölbi National Circuit This Weekend In Dominical. Read more

1/19 - Latin Pro Puerto Viejo Costa Rica will be at Cocles Beach Jan 28th-29th. Read more

1/11 - Costa Rica’s “Kölbi” National Surf Tournament will hold its first date this January. Read more

Top Contest Videos

Isaac Vega's 10 point tube ride in Playa Hermosa

Noe Mar makes the favorites again with a 9.57 ride at World Juniors Surfing event in Portugal on Youtube

Surfos Magazine created an awesome video of Noe Mar and Leilani (CRsurf team riders) in Barbados - LINK

Check out Carlos' PERFECT 10 at PIPELINE here!!

CRSurf.com and Carton Surfboards Team Rider Leilani McGonagle on You Tube






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