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CLICK HERE to sign the petition to ban the importation of shark fins into Costa Rica!

5/3 - The iconic 'El Gallito' stores close after 106 years in business; more than 200 employees dismissed. Read more

5/2 - New Trail Running Event in Liberia, Costa Rica. Read more

4/29 - Winners of Costa Rica Fishackathon. Read more

4/28 - Activity Increases at the Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica. Read more

4/26 - Canadian University Inaugurates Rainforest Campus in Costa Rica. Read more

4/25 - Supermodel and nature-lover Gisele Bundchen Plants a Tree in Costa Rica with her Children for Earth Day.
Read more

4/26 - Pioneer Monteverde conservationist Wilford 'Wolf' Guindon who had devoted his life to protect the jungles of Costa Rica dies at 85. Read more

4/25 - Weekend “seismic swarm” between two Costa Rica volcanoes sparks eruption fears. Read more

4/23 - Costa Rica advances the global conversation on planet conservation. Read more

4/22 - Fishackathon invites conservation-minded techies to help solve overfishing. The winning team from Costa Rica will represent the country in the global Fishackathon competition, where the grand prize is $10,000 plus...Read more

4/22 - Costa Rica seeks to make coffee production carbon-free (Video) - Watch here

4/22 - Happy Earth Day Costa Rica! Read more

4/21 - Costa Rica surfers rescue baby pilot whale in Puntarenas. Read more

4/21 - Newport Beach Film Festival: Documentary on 'Endless Summer' return to South Africa to be screened. The film also follows students visiting Robert August in his home in Costa Rica, where he lives when he’s not in Huntington Beach, CA. Read more

- Costa Rican Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid. Read more

4/6 - New study shows that conservation research is not focusing on the countries that need it the most, i.e. those with the highest biodiversity. Read more

4/1 - Here's why Costa Rica leads the Ameria's in its response to climate change. Read more

3/29 - Four turtle poachers convicted in Jairo Mora, a Costa Rican enviromentalist, death. Read more

- Solís administration backs down from bill to reinstate shrimp trawling. Read more

3/23 - Costa Rica moves forward on distributed generation with net metering to start in April. Read more

3/22 - Road checks to fight wildlife trafficking during Holy Week. Read more

3/18 - Fishermen report more tuna, dolphin along Pacific coast. Read more

3/11 - Controversial shrimp trawl bill withdrawn from Costa Rican congress. Read more

3/3 - UoM supports campaign to save endangered amphibian. Read more

3/3 - Central American Megaflyover to Measure Impacts of Humans & Cows in Largest Remaining Rainforests
Overflight will analyze widespread changes across Central American isthmus and examine status of largest five forests.“What was once an unbroken corridor of biological wonders has become threatened by rapid deforestation and fragmentation– especially due to uncontrolled cattle ranching” Read more

3/3 - Five distinguished scientists and conservationists from Costa Rica, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United States are the 2016 recipients of the Pew fellowship in marine conservation, which supports research to improve ocean conservation and management. Read more

3/2 - Costa Rica Putting in Controls to Track the Country’s Shark Finning Industry. Read more

2/19 - Costa Rica seeks to boost electric, hybrid cars. Read more

2/16 - Victory for Threatened Sharks and Rays at Memordum of Undestanding (MoU) of Migratory Sharks! Read more

2/15 - Costa Rica says it will support new shark protections despite agreements with fishermen. Wildlife experts from all over the world will converge on San José Monday to discuss international protections for shark and ray species. The meeting comes on the heels of scathing critiques from environmentalists of Costa Rica’s recent record on shark conservation. Read more

2/15 - Conservation groups call for more protection for rays as well as sharks in new 10-year strategy. Read more

- Mora residents battle to stop a landfill from being built in their backyard. Read more

2/10 - Paralyzed baby sloth thrives in Manuel Antonio rescue center. Read more

2/10 - Taxi driver chains herself in front of Costa Rica president's house to protest Uber Read more

2/6 - Costa Rica's Envision Festival Has Officially Sold Out! Read more

2/6 - Arts and culture in brief: the week ahead in Costa Rica. Read more

2/6 - Celebs May be Coming to Costa Rica for “Creative Bootcamp” Says Brand Executive Director Devin Gibson. Read more

2/6 - President Solis is now taking new action to protect sharks in Costa Rica. Read more

2/5 - Cameras To Capture Details on Costa Rica Diversity. Read more

2/5 - Transito (Traffic Police) Seizes Vehicle of Uber Driver. Read more

2/4 - ‘Ed Force One’ To Visit Costa Rica March 7 (Iron Maiden's Airplane is landing and it's HUGE!) - Their concert will be in San Jose, March 8th. Read more

2/3 - Half a million people in Costa Rica expected to see water rationing up to 12 hours per day. Read more

2/1 - A Costa Rican man will serve 33 years for brutal rape of French tourist (Thanks to "Cap on Crime" and the diligent efforts of Matt Kirsch, owner of, who helped provide video evidence which helped convict this rapiest). Read more

1/31 - Tourists Cancel Costa Rica Vacations Due to Zika Scare. Read more

1/29 - The Importance of Forest Corridors in Costa Rica. Read more

1/29 - How Buzzfeed's Co-Founder Is Protecting a Costa Rican Town. Read more

1/29 - Costa Rica backs University conservation campaign. Read more

1/23 - Five things to know about the new Jairo Mora murder trial. (New trial starts 1/25) Read more

1/23 - Stop Costa Rica's Illegal Logging From Destroying National Parks. Read more

1/22 - Costa Rica Will Host Important Shark Conservation Meeting. Read more

1/21 - New Study Analyzes Impact of Rising Carbon Dioxide Emissions on Ocean Fish. Read more

- New trial in killing of Costa Rica conservationist Jairo Mora to start Jan. 25. Read more

1/11th - Illegal logging threatens Costa Rica's valuable species and vulnerable national parks. Read more

12/28 - AyA asks to increase water rates 49.5 percent for conservation, protection of water resources. Read more

12/23 - British Professor Helped Costa Rica Win Claim Against Nicaragua. Read more

12/23 - Costa Rica Developing Nature Reserves to Support Communities and Sustainable Tourism. Read more

12/6 - Costa Rica Commits to Reforestation of 2.4 Million Acres Read more

12/5 - Help Whooping Cranes and Win a 2-Week Vacation in Costa Rica Read more

12/1 - Latin America hands climate bill to rich world at summit. Read more

11/30 - Costa Rica President Solis’ Rightfully Awarded ‘Shark Enemy’ Dishonor. Read more

11/29 - A Paris climate change talks primer for Costa Rica. Read more

11/26 - Costa Rica to Get $500 Million From IDB for Renewables Read more

11/23 - National Geographic: Costa Rica Is Not Doing Enough to Protect Diminished Shark Populations. Read more

11/23 - Costa Rica squirrel monkeys:Conservation group holds fundraiser to count endangered species. Read more

11/18 - Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson files human rights lawsuit against Costa Rica. Read more

11/23 - Costa Rica squirrel monkeys: Conservation group holds fundraiser to count endangered species. Read more

11/19 - Jones Supports Rainforest Reforestation, Community Carbon Trees, in Costa Rica Read more

11/19 - Costa Rica boasts clean energy -- and bad car pollution. Read more

11/2 - Green Circle unites 5 Costa Rica hotels in eco-tourism marketing venture. Read more

10/28 - Oxybenzone, an ingredient found in most sunscreens, has been tied to the demise of coral populations in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, and South Florida, according to new research. Read more

11/3 - Support Sea Shepherd's by purchasing some of their cool hemp hoodies....quality, sustainable, and to support those who fight for our oceans and environment! Shop now

10/26 - Costa Rica issues 1-year moratorium on export of hammerhead shark products Read more

10/23 - Save water, ban golf courses, says Costa Rican lawmaker - Read more

10/17 - Sharks Have Received Their Death Sentence from Costa Rica. Read more

10/17 - Happy International Sloth Day! Read more

10/16 - First Grade Class "Adopts" Sloths to Teach About Rainforest Conservation -The Sloth Institute together with Kids Saving the Rainforest announces the Elementary School Sloth Challenge, inspired by Ms. Megan Yang, 1st grade teacher at West Point Elementary in Surprise, Arizona. Ms. Yang believes in teaching students at a young age about conservation. Read more

10/15 - Brooklyn yoga studio plans fundraiser to protect Costa Rican rain forest. Read more

10/11 - A Legal Victory for Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson in Costa Rica Read more

10/1 - One of Sea Shepherd’s missions in Costa Rica: Protecting whales Read more

9/29 - Costa Rica defends its sea turtles against tourist throng. Read more

9/1 - Leilani McGonagle visits Dominical to speak with underserved girls who are part of the organization Chicas Con Propisito - Read more (en Espanol)

9/3 - Environmentalists outraged after Costa Rica park ranger sentenced to 12 years Read more

8/26 - Warming seas rising faster than predicted, NASA scientists say Read more

8/24 - Conservationists want you to help crowd-patrol illegal fishing around Cocos Island - Now you can REMOTELY FROM HOME! Read more

8/17 - Around Alamo: Girls help save sea turtles in Costa Rica Read more

8/16 - Tour de Turtles: The Race to Save the Turtles and Maybe Humans as Well Read more

7/13 - A new surf resort, called Olas Verdes, is using their version of "Creative Sustainability" to create an eco-friendly resort that pushes the boundaries of what others call sustainable development...they go much deeper. Read more

8/20 - Global Wave Conference October 2015 - The most ambitious and impactful enviro-surf conference to date. Learn more about the conference, speakers & attendees - and act quickly to register. Tickets are going fast!! Buy Here

8/16-->Bodhi Surf School, located in Uvita Costa Rica, just announced their 3rd Annual "2015 MY OCEAN DEFENDER CONTEST" to celebrate innovative Ocean Guardian actions (and they are offering some seriously awesome prizes) - Get details of Bodhi's Uvita Surf School here

8/14 - Teens Aid in Sea Turtle Conservation, Scuba Dives in Panama, Learns to Surf in Costa Rica. Read more

8/13 - Lifeguard Charity Party to raise money for Costa Ballena Life Guards - Read more

8/13 - “Green” Tax on Plastic Containers Read more

8/13 - Surf Camp in Costa Rica Announces Annual Conservation Contest Read more

8/06 - Sea Turtle Poachers Arrested After Sea Chase in Costa Rica. Read more

7/29 - Don't Miss the Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Read more

7/30 - Costa Rica Luxury Resort Helps Orphaned Sloths. Read more

7/29 - PBS and BBC Production Features Baby Sloths in Costa Rica. Read more

7/22 - Swimming with Sharks - Malibu foundation seeks volunteers to save our seas and fish, especially sharks. Read more

7/21 - Costa Rica Government Launches Sea Turtle Conservation Workshop. Read more

7/22 - Police in Costa Rica Prevent Butchering of Five Sea Turtles. Read more

7/19 - Coast Guard Rescues 165 Sea Turtle Eggs in Costa Rica. Read more

7/16 - Drones could help spot illegal fishing around Costa Rica's Cocos Island. Read more

7/18 - Rehabilitated sea turtle in 'Tour de Turtles' to be tracked with satellites Read more

7/18 - Drones could help spot illegal fishing around Costa Rica's Cocos Island Read more

7/15 - Rockford Spanish Immersion students travel to Costa Rica Read more

7/15 - HPU Students Serve God and Experience Spanish Culture on Costa Rica Trip Read more

7/15 - Conservation involves much more than reducing deforestation Read more

7/12 - Lewis University students are studying ecology this summer in Costa Rica Read more

7/10 - Without Sharks, There Would be No Shark Week. Read more

7/9 - Shark At Cocos Island in Costa Rica Applies for Residency Read more

7/9 - Neo Fauna in Jacó: Saving the world, one snake at a time Read more

7/8 - Make Shark Week About Saving Sharks (National Geographic). Read more

7/8 - It may sting, but mosquitoes just find some people more attractive than others. Read more

7/7 - Drones & Submarines Assist Scientists At Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica Read more

7/7 - MHS students take trip of a lifetime. Read more

7/6 - Crocodile Bay Marina: Osa destroyer or Golfo Dulce dream? Read more

7/5 - Directory of Places to Buy Organic Produce in Costa Rica. Read more

7/4 - Who doesn’t love to see fireworks on the 4th? Unfortunately, many types of fireworks litter tiny pieces of #plastic all over our beaches, oceans, rivers and lakes. These microplastics are then absorbed and stored in animals’ bodies, releasing toxic chemicals. It’s time for plastic-free fireworks! #protectouroceans - (post written by SurfRider Foundation)

7/3 - Ten-year-old siblings take the stage to promote education for women. Read more

7/3 - GREAT NEWS - Thunder Captain And Officers Face Justice In The Wake Of Operation Icefish. The Captain, Chief Engineer and Second Mechanic of the notorious poaching vessel, Thunder, have been charged with counts of pollution, reckless driving, forgery and negligence in São Tomé and Príncipe. Read more

6/26 - This guy thinks plastic water bottles should have graphic warning labels. He makes a great point with his amazing and shocking art. Read more

6/19 - Crocodile warning signs in Costa Rica have decreased bad encounters with tourists, Environment Ministry reports. Read more

6/17 - US Economist Praises Value of Nature Conservation in Costa Rica. Read more

6/17 - Environment How I Went From Skeptic to Hopeful at the Surf + Social Good Summit. 20 countries got together to share, listen, learn and brainstorm around the overarching objective of leveraging the power of surfing to contribute to a better world.Read more

6/16 - Massa touring agriculture sites in Costa Rica. Read more

6/7 - PHOTO REPORT: University of Costa Rica celebrates World Environment Day. Read more

6/7 - Costa Rica consumes more agrochemicals per hectare than any country in the world. Read more

6/3 - 20-Year-Old Inventor’s Idea For How To Make Ocean Clean Itself Will Be Launched In Japan. Read more

6/1 - Jairo Mora murder case: Costa Rica prosecutor seeks new trial. Read more

4/6 - Conservation groups PRETOMA and Turtle Island Restoration Network and have found evidence that hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) are being exported from Costa Rican ports and flown to plates in Hong Kong by way of stop-overs on U.S. soil. Read more.

4/06 - Endangered Hammerhead Shark Fins Exported from Costa Rica. Read more.


12/26 - APM Terminals set to begin construction in 2015 on $1 billion Costa Rica port after environmental study approved. From the Tico Times.

11/25 - Exportation of shark fin cargo halted in Costa Rica. Read more.

7/8 - Odyssey 2050 Climate Change film features Costa Rican astronaut Franklin Chang raising awareness of global issues and highlighting what is important to kids around the world. Watch the video on YouTube.

6/20 - First Scientific Proof of Migration Paths & Connection Between Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Read more.

5/24 - Here is a new map of Costa Rica showing the variety of its rainforests - LINK.

CR Surf Travel Company is offering to plant a tree for each trip purchased by a B-Corps member or anyone! Book a hotel or rental vehicle for a week or more in Costa Rica by the end of 2014 and they will donate $25 to Community Carbon Trees, a non-profit group that empowers women by teaching them about the environment and planting native species of trees for reforesting projects in Costa Rica. The money goes to purchase the tree, having the women plant it, and maintain it until it reaches maturity. This helps offset the carbon burned on the travelers' flight. Just mention 'Plant a Tree' when making your reservations. You can now reserve vehicles online through U-Save and Adobe here.

Contest: The My Ocean Guardian Journey Contest is your chance to showcase what you are already doing for the ocean and environment, or share a new and original idea. The contest runs through December 31st and the prizes awarded (including a week's stay at Bodhi Surf School) on January 26, 2015. The two categories are Best Actions and Best Ideas.


12/26 - Franklin Chang Diaz, the Costa Rican-U.S. astronaut, has written a second book in his autobiographical series. This is "Dream’s Journey" that begins as Chang, now 18, is on his way to the United States with $50 in his pocket. "Dream´s Journey" is not available in bookstores and can be purchased by contacting

12/11 - PRETOMA describes 'historic' day for international shark conservation as hammerheads, thresher, and silky sharks added to protected list. LINK

12/4 - Exportation of shark fin cargo halted in Costa Rica. Read more.

10/11 - The Surfrider Foundation hires Chad Nelson as the new CEO. Learn more about him and his plans to help protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. Surfrider link.

10/4 - Urge Costa Rica to support silky shark conservation. Read more and sign the petition here.

9/26 - A river survives in Costa Rica, with help from Lynchburg College. Read more about how activists helped save the Veracruz River near Monteverde. Courtesy of

8/16 - Odyssey 2050 Climate Change film features Costa Rican astronaut Franklin Chang raising awareness of global issues and highlighting what is important to kids around the world. Watch the video on YouTube.

8/8 - Bodhi Surf School has started a Travelers' Philanthropy Program donating funds to three community service organizations in the Bahia Ballena region.

8/1 - Costa Rica Coast Guard arrest two men in Limon with 200 sea turtle eggs and green sea turtle meat, from

7/24 - Read this interesting article from on the advantages and disadvantages of recycling in Costa Rica. LINK

7/1 - Tuna cannery dispute freezes proposed net-free zone. Read more in

6/23 - First Scientific Proof of Migration Paths & Connection Between Marine Protected Areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Read more.

6/16 - Costa Rica proposes further international protection for hammerhead sharks. Read more.

6/16 - Check out the photos from the Community Carbon Trees workshop on Trees and Bees on Facebook. There are some diagrams explaining how bees help our environment through pollenation. Special thanks to Harold Mena Ramirez of Abejas Feliz Apicultura.

5/16 - From AM Costa Rica - President acts to protect dolphin and sports fishing by creating a 60-mile area parallel to the coast where no purse seine operations will be allowed - LINK

4/29 - Check out the summary of the Impact of Tourism Related Development on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast on the CREST website - PDF document

4/12 - From the Tico Times: Ocean conservation group MarViva filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) on Thursday, alleging that the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca) illegally renewed three shrimp trawling licenses following a court order not to do so. Read more.

3/28 - Help L.A.S.T. (Latin American Sea Turtles), a non-profit group protecting the Leatherback and Green turtles on Pacuare Beach, by voting for them on the European Outdoor Conservation Association website. The winner gets $35,000 in funding. Click to vote.

3/28 - From AmCostaRica: The organization Movimiento Ríos Vivos will stage a hike along the Río Chirripó-Pacífico Sunday beginning at the Catholic church in Miraflores The group organized in the Valle de El General, which includes Buenos Aires and Pérez Zeledón, to express concern over the estimated 14 private hydro power projects that are planned for local rivers. The hike will terminate at one of the power plant sites.

3/21 - Costa Rica is losing 30 percent of its ecosystems, study finds. Read more.

2/13 - From Randall Arauz at Latest publication on movements of hammerhead sharks in the Eastern Tropical Pacific LINK (there is a cost to read the entire article, but no charge to view the abstract)

2/13 - Check out this story of a PUMA sighting in the Santa Rosa National Park - LINK.

“Ambientes de la Isla del Coco”: artist Carlos Hiller showcasing regions of Coco Island, Hidden Garden Art Gallery, 5km west of Daniel Oduber airport, Liberia, Guanacaste,

CR Surf Travel Company is offering to plant a tree for each trip purchased by a B-Corps member or anyone! Book a hotel or rental vehicle for a week or more in Costa Rica by the end of 2014 and they will donate $25 to Community Carbon Trees, a non-profit group that empowers women by teaching them about the environment and planting native species of trees for reforesting projects in Costa Rica. The money goes to purchase the tree, having the women plant it, and maintain it until it reaches maturity. This helps offset the carbon burned on the travelers' flight. Just mention 'Plant a Tree' when making your reservations. You can now reserve vehicles online through U-Save and Adobe here.

CONTEST! - My Ocean Guardian Journey is a friendly contest created by Bodhi Surf School that promotes marine conservation and environmental awareness, and allows you to share your journey on becoming an Ocean Guardian. It is important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be living near the coast to be an Ocean Guardian; actions such as reducing plastic use, consuming responsibly grown/caught ocean products, and curbing your energy use will all help contribute to a healthier ocean. The contest consists of two categories: BEST ACTIONS and BEST IDEAS. Contestants in both categories will have the chance to win one of several Bodhi Surf School prizes.


12/19 - Public calls for the creation of new Marine Management Area in Nandayure, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Protection would be provided to olive ridley, hawksbill and green turtles, and would foster a sustainable spotted rose snapper fishery. Read more.

Sloth Rescue center in Costa Rica is raising money for their program and have this cute video on YouTube to help raise awareness. You can donate through IndieGogo here.

11/22 - New Satellite Map shows worldwide deforestation, including in Costa Rica. Use this link to see it - LINK

11/12 - Shannon at the Bluegrass Cafe in Playa Hermosa de Jaco is having music jam sessions on Sunday afternoons. Bring your instrument and come join the group.

11/12 - CR Surf Travel Company is offering to plant a tree for each trip purchased by a B-Corps member. Book a hotel or rental vehicle for a week or more in Costa Rica by the end of 2014 and they will donate $25 to Community Carbon Trees, a non-profit group that empowers women by teaching them about the environment and planting native species of trees for reforesting projects in Costa Rica. The money goes to purchase the tree, having the women plant it, and maintain it until it reaches maturity. This helps offset the carbon burned on the travelers' flight. Just mention 'Plant a Tree' when making your reservations. You can now reserve vehicles online through U-Save and Adobe here.

11/3 - The CR Surfing Federation hosted a junior surf camp for the kids of playa Cieneguita de Limón on October 26th-27th. Find out more here.

10/2 - Longline Fishery in Costa Rica Kills Thousands of Sea Turtles and Sharks Decade-long observation study shows smaller and fewer sharks, massive capture of sea turtles. Find out the numbers here.

Procter & Gamble will remove plastic micro-beads from their products by 2017, but our oceans can't wait that long. While we applaud this move, campaign partners worldwide believe this phase-out timeline is far too long. That's why we urge you to take action and urge P&G to have all beads removed no later than January 1, 2015. The ocean can't afford trillions and trillions more of these beads entering our shared waters for 3.5 more years. So take 30 seconds to tell P&G that their timeline is unacceptable. Sign the petition and share it on Facebook

7/28 - The culture of pre-Columbian Costa Rica is on display at the Smithsonian Institute through Febraury 2015. Check out some of their top pieces of art and culture on Flickr.

This Saturday, August 17th, Nosara Wild Life Rescue and SIBA are holding a charity race to help with the recent issue of area monkeys suffering from electrocutions. There will be a 5k and a 10k, as well as a kids race. Cost is 2,000 colones or $4. If you would like to participate, donate, learn more about this situation, or all 3, please show up at the main Guiones beach entrance at 7:00 am this Saturday.

7/14 - CR Surf renews its commitment to 1% for the Planet. Read about their decision to support PRETOMA for the third year here.

7/7 - From Steve at Jazzy's River House (Dominical Hotel)- The Dominical Lifeguard Party was a great success with over $10,000 added to the account and the Tortilla Flats X-Games were well received and well attended.

6/18 - Randall Arauz chosen as one of the "100 Guardian Angels of the Planet" Read more.

6/11 - The Surf for Youth Program in Tamarindo is looking for support from the local and international community to continue their program of teaching kids in poor rural towns how to surf, stay healthy, and respect the ocean. Click here to learn more.

4/3 - Hope for the Hammerhead Shark by Randall Arauz - - Opinion Piece for La Nacion.

4/06 - Endangered Hammerhead Shark Fins Exported from Costa Rica. Read more.

3/30 - Find a sponsor and Swim with us on MArch 30th 2013 @ 3pm on the beach in Playas del Coco. Finathon find people who are willing to give you some cash for every 500 meter you swim. Our team will keep track of your distance and you can collect the money which will all be donated to Project Aware. Give Sharks a fighting chance. Email Rich Coast Diving if you want to help out.

3/19 - Check out the latest community initiates supported by Bodhi Surf School in Uvita. Plus book a trip in March and get 25% Bodhi surf sessions.

3/13 - Can your next surfboard help save our oceans? Find the answer here.

3/13 - CR Surf Travel Company sponsors the Surf for Youth Program in Tamarindo (started by Waves Costa Rica) to help kids learn to surf. Read more.

2/26 - Bodhi Surf School in Uvita is contributing time and resources to building containers for trash and recycling in their community. Their hope is that the art on the cans, placed in areas where through GIS mapping was shown to have the most litter, will attract the eyes and make one want to recycle. Read more about their project here.

2/21 - PRETOMA has reached their goal of 10,000 signatures to add Hammerhead Sharks to the CITES list as a protected species. Follow this link by to help them get to 20,000!

2/21 - Real Surf Trips Gives back to their local community by offering first aid classes in April. Read more.

1/28 - Up to 280 sea turtles found dead along the coast near Punto Banco. MINAE is investigating the deaths, which may have been caused by offshore trawlers in the area. Read more in and the Tico Times.

1/24 - Safari Surf School, Costa Rica’s premier surf school and camp for fourteen years, strives to be carbon neutral with the addition of the “Innovative Biodiesel Project” — the world’s first small-scale biodiesel production system that is closed-loop (zero waste), energy independent (off-grid), and carbon-negative. Read more.

1/11 - The immediate intervention of Incopesca and the destitution of its Board of Directors, is the recommendation of The Front for Our Seas. Read more and see the letter.


12/12 - CR Surf Travel Company to donate $250.00 to PRETOMA as part of their commitment to 1% for the Planet. You can adopt a sea turtle for only $50. Find out here.

2/3 - From Christina at the Hermosa Surf Inn: Sergio Santana, the executive director for the not for profit Costasverdes, is working to help conserve and restore the biodiversity in the ecosystems along the coast. Together with SINAC-MINAET, businesses and the community, Costasverdes is working in the National Refuge Vida Silvestre in Playa Hermosa. They are currently looking for sponsors for the upcoming tree planting in May. If you would like to be a sponsor or make a donation, visit

12/2 - From Debbie at Jaco citizens petition the government and get new aquatic rescue center approved. See photos on our Facebook page.

12/2 - United States Suspends BP From New Contracts due to 2010 Horizon Explosion and Spill. Read more in the NY Times.

11/14 - Help protect Hammerhead Sharks~ Sign the petition on created by PRETOMA. This will add them to the list protected species offered by international law (CITES II).

10/31 - Arte Viva 2012 was a huge success with hundreds of kids and community member participating in four days of sports, arts, dance, and workshops to improve the lives on the Caribbean Coast. Read their summary and see pics here (Word Document)

10/24 - Sea turtle tagged with satellite tracking device hooked by illegal long lines in Isla de Coco National Park. More from

10/12 - Richard Branson was in Costa Rica to join President Laura Chinchilla in signing a ban on the import/export of shark fins in Costa Rica. Read more here.

10/6 - Costa Rican lawmakers on Tuesday night approved a series of amendments to the Wildlife Law, which prohibits hunting for sport in the country. The law allows the hunting of animals only in the case of scientific research, subsistence and species control. The effort was organized by local conservation group Apreflofas.

10/2 - Find out more about a planned Mega-Marina Project in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica. Read more.

9/14 - Hotel Byblos in Costa Rica hosted a "Kids Saving the Rainforest" fundraiser to support the only local government sanctioned wild animal rescue center near Manuel Antonio National Park. They are very happy to say that they raised $4511 at the fundraiser to save the Rescue Center! Details here.

9/14 - Tropical Adventures has a new program, Vecinos del Mundo, meaning "Neighbors of theWorld" whose mission is to bring cultures and people together in the community of Hojancha, Costa Rica in a collaborative effort to increase cross-cultural understanding with an emphasis in community development, education, culture and conservation. 

9/4 - Safari Surf donated $500 to the Kickstarter campaign for a new Recycling Center in Nosara!! Our community rallied around this project put together by Tobias Holler and his students at NYIT. The new recycling center will be a huge improvement for our area and contribute to Nosara's continued sustainable growth. The NYIT students arrived in June and worked on the project through the end of August. Follow their blog to see the progression of this community development initiative.

SurfCredits partners with the surf industry to offer exclusive discounts on merchandise, trips and more! SurfCredits launched successfully last month during the Volcom Fiji Pro and Safari Surf School in Nosara is stoked to be an early supporter of this innovative surf-philanthropy nonprofit. Read more.

8/23 - The Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program - CST - is a product of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). The CST was designed to differentiate businesses of the tourism sector, based on the degree to which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management. Is YOUR business ready to earn this certificate? Read more.

8/19 - President Chinchilla has a 'blue agenda' for reforming how Costa Rica manages its marine resources, but will she follow through with it? Read more in the Tico Times.

8/10 - SurfCredits partners with the surf industry to offer exclusive discounts on merchandise, trips and more! SurfCredits launched successfully last month during the Volcom Fiji Pro and Safari Surf School in Nosara is stoked to be an early supporter of this innovative surf-philanthropy nonprofit. Read more.

7/29 - Presidential Commission recommends total reform of Costa Rica´s Fisheries Institute. Read their solutions.

7/28 - New petition delivered to President Laura Chinchilla of Costa Rica against shark fin imports. Read more.

7/21 - "2.5%" is a  documentary short focused on protecting the Osa Peninsula. Our message is clear, this is a region that should be developed responsibly and in line with the environment. Help fund this movie by donating here - LINK

7/15 - Male green turtle travels from Cocos Island, Costa Rica, to Las Perlas, Panama - read more from Pretoma

7/6 - Las Bordadoras - Sustainable Embroidery by Women in Costa Rica by Maria del Mar

7/6 - The executive president of the Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca), Luis Dobles, is under scrutiny from the Prosecutor’s Office in Puntarenas for possible dereliction of duty. Read more in the Tico Times

6/29 - Losing the Leatherback - a report from the Tico Times

6/15 - CR Surf Travel Company donates to Save the Waves. Overall they raised over $60,000 to help protect surf breaks around the world. Read more.

YOU CAN HELP in 3 ways~

1.Check out the Kickstarter program for expanding the recycling center in Nosara, organized by the Nosara Recycling Association.

2. Since 2010 Pretoma is working on a hawksbill sea turtle tagging program in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Now you can help PRETOMA by adopting your own sea turtle! Read more.

3. Marc DiMaggio, a school teacher from California, announced he’ll be at it again this summer, riding coast to coast this time to raise awareness and support for his Spinning to End (shark) Finning campaign. Read more from ARCAE.

6/1 - PRETOMA is following through with their lawsuit for slack oversight by INCOPECSA, who manages the local fisheries. They are still allowing shrimp trawlers to go out without TED's (turtle exclusion devices). Read more.

6/1 - After a successful surf event that brought out members of the surf community to help the less fortunate children of the Guanacaste area, Waves Costa Rica under the spearhead of owner Andrea Diaz, is partnering with CEPIA to create an organization that will develop young surf talent for the Circuito Nacional de Surf. Read more.

5/24 - Paul Watson of the group Sea Shepard will head to Costa Rica to face charges, and then help the government improve the protection of marine resources. Read more in the Tico Times here - LINK.

5/17 - Read's letter sent in to La Nacion showcasing how shrimping is leading to the extinction of other marine life - LINK.

4/26 - On Saturday April 21, the Nosara Recycling Association organized the event with over 100 volunteers that removed nearly 1,000 bags of garbage (which had been thrown around the landfill over the past 5 years), collected recyclables, planted trees and bushes in decorated tires, and posted signs to encourage people not to litter. Check out the Kickstarter program for expanding the recycling center.

4/20 - Marc DiMaggio, a school teacher from California, announced he’ll be at it again this summer, riding coast to coast this time to raise awareness and support for his Spinning to End (shark) Finning campaign. Read more from ARCAE.

4/12 - The lifeguard program at Playa Cocles is struggling to stay afloat and need assistance from the surf travel community. Visit to see how to help.

4/12 - Environment Ministry Announces Tough Measures Against Polluters Of Rivers. Read more.

3/29 - PRETOMA's Sustainable Fishing / Tourism Project in Guanacaste. Read more about how artisanal fisherman are partnering with local restaurants to improve the local economy.

3/22 - The group Pretoma has just put out their newsletter in English. Read it here - LINK.

3/2 - Satellite study disclosed danger zones for leatherback turtles. From the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science article LINK.

2/15 - From the Voice of Nosara: Friends of Nosara Celebrates Partner Achievements at Annual Meeting. More than $107,000 received in 2011. Visit their website to find out their next events.

2/1 - Project Seeks Funds for Guaitil School Computer Lab - Find out more.

1/12 - Thanks to all those who contributed to help pay for an A.E.D. device in Dominical. We did not reach our goal in 2011 and so we rounded up the total of donations to $100 and gave that to the lifeguard program to help pay for salaries and equipment. If you read the top news below, their lifeguard program is about to close due to lack of funds.

In 2012, CR Surf Travel Company will continue our goal of supporting the lifeguard programs on both coasts and getting A.E.D. devices and training provided for them. Email if you want to help.

Help put up bridges for monkeys in Manuel Antonio. Call 2777-2592 or e-mail

Latin American Surf Tour's - Seven Ways to Help the Planet (in Spanish)

Recycling locations on the southern Pacific coast, set up by the Nature Conservancy.

Count how much water you use HERE

** How about some winter reading for the kids?? Check out All the Way to the Ocean, a book that teaches kids not to litter, because eventually it will end up in the sea and hurt marine life.

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5/3 - Leilani Mcgonagle Rip Curl received the invitation to run the final world grom search who won last year in Brazil and is already in Hawaii ready to defend her title from 3 to 6 May. Read more

5/3 - "Aldo Chirinos will be your new favorite surfer of Costa Rica". Read more

4/26 - Alvaro Solano Defended his Championship and Returned to Victory. Read more

4/23 - Nosara Receives Tour Masters & SUP & Longboard This Weekend. Read more

4/18 - Anthony Fillingim Wins Bejuco and is the Favorite for the National Title. Read more

4/8 - Costa Rica will be hosting the ISA World Surfing 2016 in Jaco. Read more

4/8 - Costa Rica Surf Competition in Jaco Beach Expected to Bring In Over $30 Million in Revenue. Read more

4/6 - International Surfing Association Unites Member Nations to Highlight the Power of Surfing. Read more

4/1 - Fourth date of Surf Guanacaste Circuit (Surf Cgs) This weekend April 2nd to 3rd. Location: Playa Avellana, front of Lola's Restaurant. Read more

4/1 - National Circuit Kölbi 2016, presented byAdrenaline Rush CR. Location: Playa Bejuco Parita / Date: April 16-17th, in front of the Hotel Playa Bejuco. Read more

- 6th Annual Semana Santa Classic Surf Contest 2016 in Dominical, Costa Rica this Friday. Read more

3/16 - Costa Rica to host World Surf League comp in Esterillos Este. Read more

- International field emerges in surf contest - Surfers from Barbados, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Puerto Rico and the U.S. remained in contention. Read more

3/2 - The 1st Masters & SUP & Longboard closed with waves to remember in Santa Teresa. Read more

2/26 - Santa Teresa will host the 1st National Circuit Masters & Longboard & SUP. Read more

2/22 - Champion Jason Torres Wins the Arenas-Marley Cup. Read more

2/19 - Jaco to Host the Arena-Marley Cup 2nd Annual 2016 National Circuit Kölbi Surf Contest on 2/20 to 2/21st. Read more

2/19 - Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf 2016 Circuit Schedule and Event Details. Read more

2/16 - Costa Rica's Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf: A new surf philosophy. Read more

- The Pueto Viejo Open Pro contest: As of now, it is 2nd round, with a couple of our favorites, Jason Torres and Anthony Filligim, are about to surf. Read more here to get updates

2/9 - Next World Surfing could be held in Costa Rica (in Spanish) - Read more

2/2 - Costa Rica Surfers earn "Award for Excellence" & 21 athletes received the Hummingbird Trophy. Read more

1/26 - Anthony Fillingim Wins the First of Seven Surf Contest in the Kölbi National Tour Circuit. Read more

1/26 - National Surf Circuit kicks off at Playa Cocles. Read more

1/23 - The National Surf Circuit starts today in Puerto Viejo, Limón. This circuit will crown the best surfer at year end in Costa Rica. This circuit consists of seven rounds on contest throughout Costa Rica testing surfers on a varity of different waves. Get Detailed Map and Schedule (en Español)

1/20 - Team WRSC scores EPIC Ollie’s Point. Read more

- The 16th Year of the National Circuit Kölbi 2016 is Ready Start (2016 Contest Schedule) Read more

1/17th - Costa Rica 2016 surf competition on Jan 23-24 at Playa Cocles. Read more

1/9 - 2016 Ericeira World Junior Championships 1/4th to 1/13th - As of today, Noe Mar McGonagle has advanced to Round 3. Watch Live

1/6 - Surfing Nation paid tribute to 2015 Costa Rican Surfer Champions in a private ceremony. Read more (es en Espanol)


12/28 - Upcoming Surf Contest: Ericeira World Championships in Portugal - January 4-13. 2016 - Noe Mar McGonagle will be competeing. Read more

12/24 - Surf's up: Caribbean beaches to see large waves over the weekend continuing to next week. Read more

12/21 - Surfing year in review: 2015 a historic year for Costa Rica surf. Read more

12/7 - Costa Rica surf squad wins Central American Games for 10th straight year Read more

12/3 - Costa Rica's top two surfers bow out against the sport's best at Vans World Cup Read more

12/2 - Costa Rica Surf Team Expects Victory at the 10th Central American Surfing Competition. Event starts 12/4. Read more

11/30 - ISA World Bodyboard Championship starts Dec 6 to 13th (IQUIQUE, CHILE) - Read more

11/24 - Costa Rica to Compete in the 2015 Taiwan Open of Surfing. Read more

11/23 - Jason Torres takes Billabong Fest surf title. Read more

11/21 - An international outdoor fitness event for women organized by Roxy, RUNSUPYOGA, is coming to Costa Rica this weekend. The contest includes three different disciplines: Running, standup paddle, and yoga. Read more

11/14 - The first ever i20 Hyundai Surf Championships, starts today, 11/13, with free reggae concert. Read more

11/14 - Sprite Soup Bowl Pro Junior is on (Nov 12th-15th)! As of today, Leilani McGonagle made it to the Quarterfinals. Watch Live

11/12 - Monkeys steal show at Costa Rica conservation conference in Punta Leona. Read more

11/9 - Puerto Viejo crime is down, but travel alert is still up. Read more

11/7 - Leilani McGonagle made it to the Quarterfinals in the Pichilemu Woman's Pro - Read more

11/7 - Sprite Soup Bowl Pro Junior is on (Nov 12th-15th)! Leilani McGonagle and Emily Gussoni will be competing. Read more

11/6 - Noe Mar McGonagle and Carlos Munoz only made it to Round two of the Sao Paulo Open 2015 - the event is still going on. Watch live

11/3 - Oi HD São Paulo Open - Carlos in Heat 11 and Noe Mar McGonagle in Heat 22 - Next Call @ Nov 4, 2015 7:30am BRST - Watch Live

11/3 - Skim Fest 2015 in Punta Leona November 28-29th. Get details here

10/26 - Billibong Fest 2015 - Jaco Surf Contest. Nov 20th to Nov 22nd. Find details on Jaco bullentin board here

10/25 - Third round of Grom's ACOS Surfing Championship will be held in Playa Avellanas ! Great waves and a good atmosphere for the whole family ! SURF LESSONS FREE ! Nov 7th-8th Get details here

10/18 - i20 Hyndai SURF Contest is on Nov. 14th - Location is Playa Esterillos. The surfers who will be competing must be voted in. So please find your favorite surfer here so you can vote for her/him. Voting is closed on Nov 6th.

10/17 - Leilani McGonagle Costa Rica qualified for the final day! Read More

10/15 - Costa Rica with good performance at the World Junior Surfing. Read more

10/3 - The Junior National Team Chosen to Represent Costa Rica on Oct. 11th in Califoria in the ISA Junior World Championship Surf Contest. Read more

10/3 - Noe Mar McGonagle made it to Round 2 in the Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais. Read more

10/3 - We are still waiting to find out if Malakai Martinez pass to the next round at the KING OF THE GROMS. As of today he was in the top 10. Find out scores here

9/28 - Ismael Araya has the distinction of being the First Costa Rican to Compete in the First ISA World Adaptive Surf Contest. Read more

9/2 - Surfing When You Can’t Stand Read more

8/31 - Puerto Viejo native Gilbert Brown wins Latin Pro surf competition in ALAS debut Read more

8/30 - The Champions of Claro's Latin Pro Surf Competition [en Espanol] Read more

8/30 - Swiss Pro Surfer Bikini Model Travels to Costa Rica. Read more

8/23 - Leilani MacGonagle will be in Dominical, Costa Rica on Read more

8/23 - Official World Surf League app - Watch live surfing, follow athletes, and get event updates. Download here. Read more

8/11 - Jason Torres: From bad boy to national surfing champ Read more

8/11 - Puerto Viejo Open Pro Surf Contest Aug 22nd Read more

8/01 - 1st Annual Cosmic Hermosa surf festival on August 29th at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. Read more

7/31 - Carlos 'Cali' Muñoz eliminated from Vans US surf comp in California. Read more

7/29 - US Open of Surfing enters final wave of competition. Read more

7/26 - Vans US Open of Surfing commences with top-rated junior performances. Read more

7/23 - New generation of Costa Rican surfers puts sport in the spotlight. Read more

7/20 - Jacó's Jason Torres tallies 1st Costa Rican national surf championship win. Read more

7/18 - Reef 2015 Grand Final Day Two: Playa Hermosa exploded into tubes before 4,000 people! Read more

7/17 - Grand Final Reef, Kölbi 2015 National Tour Leilani, Malakai, Samuel and Valentina Resano Reidy, former National Champions Read more

7/17 - Reef 2015 Grand Final: Playa Hermosa is ready for a spectacular closing championship! Read more

7/8 - Costa Rican surf team honored by president Read more

7/8 - ISA welcomes the addition of Surfing to the 2019 Pan American Games Sports Programme Read more

7/8 - Gold Cup 2015: TV schedule and streaming information. The United States (which will host the event), Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica already have qualified. Read more

7/3 - La Gran Final Reef 2015 (Also a Miss Reef Contest) - July 17th to 19th - Playa Hermosa, Jaco
Watch Live at Read more.

6/28 - Hurley Classic - Circuito Metropolitano Punto Surf - Jaco Beach - Dates: June 27th to 28th - Use #circuitopuntosurf in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - Read more.

6/25 - Ballito Pro 2015 - Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - 6/29th to 7/5th - Watch LIVE -Read more.

6/30 - La Gran Final Reef 2015 (Also a Miss Reef Contest) - July 17th to 19th - Playa Hermosa, Jaco. Watch Live at Read more.

6/28 - Hurley Classic - Circuito Metropolitano Punto Surf - Jaco Beach - Dates: June 27th to 28th - Use #circuitopuntosurf in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - Read more.

6/25 - Ballito Pro 2015 - Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - 6/29th to 7/5th - Watch LIVE - Read more.

6/21 - Alvaro Solano and Cassio Carvalho dominated Boca Barranca.

6/18 - Playa Bonita de Limón. - Este fin de semana. June 27th - 28th - Read more.

6/21 - Circuito National Master SUP & Longboard 2015 - This Saturday in Mouth Canyon all invited tournament of surf master lomboard and sup do not miss it and approaches to see the best surfeadores in these categories, beach sun and sport in Mouth Canyon, Boca Barranca.

6/21 - Alvaro Solano and Cassio Carvalho dominated Boca Barranca. Read more

6/14 - Carlos Munoz won the Kölbi National Nosara Beach Club Cup!

6/7 - It's official COSTA RICA Wins the ISA World Surfing Games 2015

6/3 - Costa Rica cerro una jornada perfecta en el dia tres of ISA Mundial 2015

6/1 - Three out of four Ticos advance to Round 2 at the ISA World Surf Games 2015!


6/19 - If you’ve missed it, the International Surfing Association’s long time president Fernando Aguerre has announced an application for surfing’s inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games Read more

6/14 - Carlos Munoz won the Kölbi National Nosara Beach Club Cup! Read more

6/8 - It’s official: Costa Rica’s Dream Team surfers are the best in the world. Read more

6/4 - What's next : Nosara Beach Club Cup 2015. On June 13th and 14th of the country 's best surfers will run scripts for the penultimate round of the championship. Besides closing tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert Script skatepark. Read more

5/25 - This weekend: Master Circuit Longboard & SUP & Going to Mal Pais: RESULTS ARE IN...

5/31 - ISA World Surfing Games 2015 - Starts tomorrow. Get Heat Schedule Here

5/25 - This weekend: Master Circuit Longboard & SUP & Going to Mal Pais: RESULTS ARE IN!

5/22 - Master CircuitLongboard & SUP & Going to Mal Pais starts 7am, 5/23. Get details here.

 5/22 - ISA World Cup 2015: World Class 'Costa Rican Surfers' Competing starting May 31st in Nicaragua.

5/17- Kölbi National Tour's May 2015: Alberto Muñoz is FOX CUP CHAMPION!

5/16 - Kölbi National FOX CUP Surf Contest is this weekend in Jaco
Find out where and when here.

5/15 - Kölbi National Tour FOX CUP is this weekend in Jaco - Get the "Where & When" of the Fox Cup surf contest here.

5/13 - Jason Torres is the new champion of the Guanacasteco De Surf! Get all the scores.

5/6 - 2015 Quiksilver Pro Saquarema Brazil - Watch Carlos Muñoz and Noe Mar McGonagle compete - Live webcast and updates here!

5/2 - EPIC! Leilani McGonagle from Costa Rica WON World Rip Curl Grom Search 2015

5/1 - Oakley's Lower Pro 2015 LIVE Webcast - Watch Live Surf Contest

5/22 - ISA World Cup 2015: World Class 'Costa Rican Surfers' Competing starting May 31st in Nicaragua.

5/23 - interviews Noe Mar McGonagle. In this video, Noe discusses his childhood, his start in surfing, life in Pavones, Costa Rica, his family, and what he thinks of his recent achievements (i.e. ranking #12 in the WQS of the World Surfing League).

5/17 - Kölbi National Tour's May 2015: Alberto Muñoz is FOX CUP CHAMPION!

4/27 - Jason Torres won Avellanas this last weekend. Read more.

4/25 - Circuit Guanacasteco reaches Avellanas this weekend Read more.

4/21 - Angelo Bonomelli premiered at the National Circuit Kölbi Read more.

4/27 - Jason Torres won Avellanas this last weekend. Read more.

4/25 - Circuit Guanacasteco reaches Avellanas this weekend Read more.

4/21 - Angelo Bonomelli premiered at the National Circuit Kölbi Read more.

4/16 - Santa Teresa place a new leader in the National Circuit Kölbi. Read more.

4/13 - Alvaro Solano repeat victory in National Masters in Tamarindo. Read more.

4/16 - Santa Teresa place a new leader in the National Circuit Kölbi. Read more.

4/13 - Alvaro Solano repeat victory in National Masters in Tamarindo. Read more.

4/9 - Tamarindo receive the Circuit Masters & SUP & Longboard. Read more.

3/22 - Anthony Fillingim Repeat Victory Kölbi National Tour in Dominical. Read more.

2/20 - Tamarindo to host the Kölbi National Circuit this weekend with waves of 2 meters. Read more (Spanish and English)

2/16 - Federico Pliurzo wins the second date on the Circuito Guanacaste de Surf, the Copa Tiki Hut, held on February, 14th and 15th in Playa Marbella. The next event is the Copa Kina Surf on March 7th and 8th in Santa Teresa. For details, photos, and sign-up info visit the SURF CGS Facebook page


11/24 - Leilani McGonagle (CRsurf team rider) earns 4th place and the Copper Medal in the ISA China Cup! Read the article and see photos here.

11/18 - The ACOS junior contest in Avellanas was a great success. Congrats to Zulay Martinez for her 1st place finish for the girls and Dean Vandewalle for the boys. See all the results and photos on the ACOS Facebook page.

11/11 - Felicidades to the Costa Rican National Team as they 4th place in the ISA World Surfing Games in Peru. Anthony Fillingim from Santa Teresa took home the Silver Medal for the Men's division, while CRsurf team rider Leilani McGonagle from Pavones earned 6th for the Women. Read more.

9/26 - Gabriel Medina wins the second match with Carlos Muñoz at the Hurley Pro. Read more.

9/12 - Check out the photos from the recent surf contest held in Montezuma, hosted by Young Visions Surf School on Facebook. From TUANIX magazine: "Las condiciones de la ola izquierda de Cedros permitieron un buen desempeño de los participantes. A pesar de la lluvia los surfistas alegraron un fin de semana en la Península de Nicoya."

9/11 - Check out the photos from the recent surf contest held in Montezuma, hosted by Young Visions Surf School on Facebook. From TUANIX magazine: "Las condiciones de la ola izquierda de Cedros permitieron un buen desempeño de los participantes. A pesar de la lluvia los surfistas alegraron un fin de semana en la Península de Nicoya."

9/11 - Felicidades to CRsurf team rider Leilani McGonagle for her top showing in the recent ACOS contest in Pavones. She won Junior Womens, Womens, AND the Mens division!

9/11 - More great news from the McGonale family as Noe Mar took 2nd in the ALAS Latin Tour contest held last week in Peru. Go team CRsurf!

9/5 - Gabriel Medina will be the first opponent Carlos Muñoz on the Hurley Pro. Read more. Follow the event live here - LINK

8/1 - Gilbert Brown wins the final event on the CNS in Playa Hermosa and the Open Title. Lisbeth Vindas takes the crown for the Open Women's Division. Read more.

7/1 - The 'Stand Up Paddle' Finals define its second generation of national champions. Geovanny Espinoza takes the overall crown. Read more.

7/8 - Check out the results and photos by TuaniX Surf Magazine of the recent Puerto Viejo Open Pro held in Jaco on June 21st. Maykol Torres won the event.

5/26 - Maykol Torres wins the Copa Fox in Jaco! Nataly Bernold takes 1st in the Women's Division. Read more.

5/26 - Geovanny Vega wins again at the SUP event in Bahia Ballena. Tortilla Flat's Jennifer Brummer takes 1st in the Women's 4.5 km race. See the results.

5/22 - Maykol Torres wins the Copa Fox in Jaco! Nataly Bernold takes 1st in the Women's Division. Read more.

5/21 - Isaac Vega is crowded the champion of the Circuito Guanacasteco after winning in Playa Negra. Check the results and photos here.

5/11 - Felicidades to Costa Rican Jenny Kalmback who earned a bronze medal in the ISA World Stand Up Paddleboard competition held in Nicaragua!

5/5 - CRsurf team riders excel at the ALAS Pepsi Reef Classic in Playa Hermosa. Noe Mar McGonagle takes 1st in the Open Division (and $5000) and 2nd in Juniors. Leilani McGonagle earns 2nd in Women's Open. Read more.

4/29 - Here are the results and photos from the Camelo Bikinis All Womens Surf and Bodyboard Contest on April 19th in Playa Hermosa. Lisbeth Vindas won the Womens Pro Surf and Megwyn Saunders took 1st in Womens Bodyboarding.

4/12 - The next event on the CREATURES Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf by Reserva Conchal to benefit the Surf for Youth program will be in Tamarindo this weekend. Check the flyer here.

3/21 - Carlos Muñoz wins the Copa House of Marley in Playa Dominical. See the results here.

3/13 - Isaac Vega Wins the Copa Lolas in Avellanas, part of the CREATURES Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf by Reserva Conchal to benefit the Surf for Youth program. See results here. The next event will be in Tamarindo on April 12th-13th.

2/23 - Felicidades to Geovanny Espinoza who won both the 9km and the 4km races during the second date of the Circuito Nacional de Stand Up Paddle SURFTECH 2014 in Tamarindo. He will be representing Costa Rica at the ISA World SUP Games in Nicaragua this May.

2/13 - Maikol Torres wins the third stop on the Circuito Guanacasteco Creatures Presentado por Reserva Conchal in Playa Marbella - the Copa Tiki Hut y Lomas del Sol. Read more.

1/26 - Danny Bishko wins the Lime Coral Caribbean Classic in Playa Cocles. Nataly Bernold takes the women's top honor. Read more (English y espanol)

1/16 - The second stop on the CNS tour will be the Lime Coral Caribbean Classic on January 25th-26th behind La Isla Inn.. Check out the event details on Facebook. Un Rojo Reggae Band to close the event!

1/5 - The second date of the Circuito Nacional de Stand Up Paddle SURFTECH 2014 will be on February 22nd in Tamarindo.

1/5 - New dates and locations for the Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf to benefit the Surf for Youth program:
Feb 8th-9th in Marbella - *****
Mar 8th-9th in Playa Avellanas - ****
Apr 12th-13th in Tamarindo - *****
May 10th-11th in Playa Negra - *****

1/1/14 - CRsurf re-signs Leilani and Noe Mar to the team for 2014! Check out the contest results for Noe Mar and Leilani, plus see photos and videos.


12/19 - Maikol Torres wins the COPA Dunkelvolk in Playa Bejuco. Lisbeth Vindas takes the women's top honor. Read more (English y espanol)

12/19 - Internacionales dominaron la primera fecha del Circuito Nacional Master & SUP Surfing. Read more.

12/11 - The second edition of Surfing Junior Camp is coming to Tamarindo this weekend. Check it out here.

12/11 - Olympus 2014 National Tour opens national tournament season. See who has won previously and get details on this year's events here (English y espanol). Next one is in Puerto Viejo on January 25th-26th behind La Isla Inn.

12/8 - Angelo Bonomelli ganó la segunda parada del Circuito Guanacasteco Creatures - Lea mas (English, too)

Surf for Youth Contest

11/21 - Results of the TORNEO DE SURF BOCA BARRANCA 2013 OPEN: 1st Anthony Fillingim, 2. Jason Torres, 3. Josymar Fuentes Villalobos, 4th Olman Morales. Photos here on Facebook.

11/4 - From Christina at Surf Inn Hermosa - Carloz Munoz breaking into the top 50 surfers ranked in the world.  Read More in Spanish in La Nacion.

11/4 - Puerto Viejo Endless Summer Paddleboard Race on November 9th starting in Playa Cocles with cash prizes for top place finishers. See the flyer here.

11/4 - From Seafari Costa Rica: November 9th is the first edition of a SUP paddle race, “La Bruja” it’s a long distance race from Roca Bruja (Witch’s Rock) to the Four Seasons Papagayo, a total of 25km (15.53 miles) starts at 7am. Cost US$ 40 includes lunch box and boat transportation to Roca Bruja (Witch’s Rock) for long distance racers.

10/28 - Felicidades to CRsurf Team Rider Noe Mar McGonagle who made it to the Quarterfinals of the ALAS Guaiquerí Latin Pro copa Clayton (Venezuela) Open division plus the Semifinals of the Junior Division.

10/24 - Jason Torres from Jaco wins the Boca Barranca Classic. Bruno Carvalho takes the under 18 victory. Read more.

Boca Barranca Surf Contest

10/8- Boca Barranca Classic is back this weekend To benefit the Children's Home Monserrat. Read more.

Hurley Surfing Event in Jaco

8/5 - Jason Torres wins the 1st stop on the Puerto Viejo Open Pro in Playa Cocles. Check all the results and highlights here.

7/28 - It's Official: Jair Perez is the new National Surf Champion of Costa Rica. Lisbeth Vindas is 10x Women's Champion. Noe Mar takes the Junior Men's Title and Leilani McGonagle the Jr. Women's. Read more.

7/28 - Olman Morales wins the Reef Grand Final in front of 4,000 people. See all the results here.

7/8 - Anthony Segura from Esterillos wins the Surf for Youth contest in Marbella. Read more.

7/8 - Surf contest to raise funds for the lifeguards in Esterillos and Bejuco on July 13th. Check out the flyer here.

7/8 - Surf contest in Santa Teresa organized by the local Surf Association this weekend. Check the details on their Facebook page.

6/23 - Jair Perez wins the Copa Olympus Tough and takes 1st in the overall standings. Emily Gussoni takes the Women's crown. See photos and the results here.

The Pura Vida Ride Paddle Battle 2013 in Playa Danta, Costa Rica on Saturday June 1st at 9a.m. This SUP event is sponsored by Surftech, Las Catalinas, RipCurl, Lola's Restaurant, Smith Optics, Camelbak, Chums, and Pura Vida Bracelets.

5/1 - Noe Mar and Leilani McGonagle win the Oakley Cup in Santa Teresa! Results and photos here

4/26 - "Fala Brasil": Alan Sauro wins the ALAS Reef Classic. CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle takes the Juniors Title. Read more.

4/19 - Entraron al agua los sembrados y el Reef Classic Adrenaline Rush se puso al rojo vivo - Lea Mas.

4/12 - The Reef Classic will be back in Santa Teresa on April 17-20th with over 12.5 million colones in prizes. Read more.

4/11 - Tequila helps Costa Rica win at least one medal in Ecuador. Read more.

4/3 - 7Mares Magazine is running a photo contest with support from Punto Surf for a week trip to Witch's Rock. Vote for photos in accion, lifestyle, and line up - and check out the shots by Costa Rica's Esteban Delgado of Jair Perez at Isla Damas.

4/3 - From Jazzy's River House (Dominical Costa Rica Hotel): The Dominical Lifeguards raised over $1300 for their program during a perfect day for a contest with great waves, weather, and vibe on the beach.

Dominical Lifeguard Contest this weekend

3/29 - Luis Vindas wins in big surf in Dominical last weekend. Noe Mar wins the Juniors division. Leilani McGonagle wins Women's, Jr. Women's, and takes 3rd in Boys, too. Leon Glatzer wins the Boys group, while Anthony Flores gets 1st in Longboard. Read more and see photos and current rankings (in both Spanish and English) here.

3/26 - Luis Vindas wins the Quiksilver Cup in Playa Dominical. CRsurf team rider Leilani McGonagle takes 1st in Women's AND Jr. Women's categories - rider Noe Mar wins Jr. Mens and takes 3rd in the Open Division. Read more.

3/23 - Playa Cocles on the Caribbean coast hosted its first Grom Contest on March 23rd, called the King of the Suricats. There was $1000 in prizes for 3 age divisions: 8 to 10, 10 to 12, and 12 to 14, with a Girls Division, too. As part of the event, there will also be a Beach Volleyball Competition. Check the flyer here.

3/13 - Kenneth Ávila ganó la final Master y con él se nombró la Selección Nacional. Lea mas.

3/6 - Perfect conditions arrive for the frist Stand Up Paddleboard Race held in Punta Leona last weekend. See who won and get all the results here - LINK. The next round of the SUP National Circuit, Condovac La Costa, will move to the coast in Playa Hermosa de Guanacaste, on 6 and 7 April.

3/6 - Here are some photos from the Drake Bay Skimboard Fest, courtesy of

2/21 - Jair Pérez wins the Cup MAUI and earns three wins at home. Read more

2/12 - Cristian Jimenez and Josiah Dearnley win the second stop of the Masters & Metropolitan Circuit. Read more (Spanish and English)

1/26 - Congratulations to CRsurf team riders Noe Mar McGonagle and Leilani McGonagle! Noe Mar took 3rd in Open and 1st in Juniors at the Lime Coral Surf Contest in Playa Cocles. And Leilani won 1st in BOTH Women's and Jr. Women's divisions. We are extremely proud of you both! Read more.

Jordan Hernandez ganó la gran final del Open Pro y la Copa Kölbi Puerto Viejo. Lea mas. (English, too


12/21 - C.O.R.E. (Comunidad de Orgullo, Recreación y Educación de Tamarindo) hosts 92 surfers in their 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Surf Contest in Tamarindo. See the results and pics.

12/21 - Brother and sister - Luis and Lisbeth Vindas - win the first contest on the CNS tour - the Copa OFF! in Parrita. Read more.

12/2 - The Costa Rican Surf Team has won their 7th Central American Surfing Games Title. Read which surfers made the finals here.

11/13 -Carlos Muñoz Takes the 3rd Circuit Event - The Kölbi Open Cup Pro. Read more. (in both English and Spanish)

11/14 - Congratulations to CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle for his 2nd place finish in the Open Division in the recent ALAS event in El Salvador. You can help him win another contest put on by Red Bull, Just vote for his video HERE

10/12 - Check out Volcom Team Rider Carlos Munoz in the Oakley Pro Jr. Surf contest in Bali. (round 1, heat 14)

10/2 - Here are the results from the latest Skimboarding Jam held at Playa Prieta on 9/29, on Facebook. Kelmer Sandoval from Guanacaste won the event, with Daniel Sasso from San Jose taking second.

9/24 - Esteban Fernandez Matamoros is one of 27 recipients of a $1000 scholarship from the International Surfing Association. Felicidades Esteban! Read more on the ISA website.

8/26 - Gilbert Brown is the new King of the National Surf Tour. Here are the results. WipeOutFilms showcases the Finals of the Circuito Nacional de Surf in Playa Hermosa on YouTube

8/26 - Philips | O'neill sign up Manuel Mesen and Emily Gussoni to their Latin American Surf Team. More details

8/23 - CEPIA and WavesCR Host Contest to Help Local Kids. Read more.

7/29 - Tequila y Costa Rica vuelven a casa con dos medallas mundiales. Team finishes in the Top 10 at the ISA World Masters Contest in Nicaragua. Read more and catch the video of the final day of competition.

7/29 - Ramón Taliani dejó el Banana Boat Surf Challenge en casa. Ramon keeps the title at home in Santa Teresa. Read more and see pics.

7/14 - Ian Bean wins the Pura Vida Ride - Stand Up Paddle Battle in Playa Danta. Read more.

7/6 - The Hermosa Pro 2012 organized by Camacho Productions took place last weekend with over 1000 spectators. To see photos, check our Facebook favorites above. For results, visit the Salsiboy Facebook page here

6/25 - Local Ronald Brown Wins the Second Cup in the Puerto Viejo Open Pro

6/17 - Jair Perez wins the Copa Britt Iced contest in Jaco. Read more.

6/3 - Masters Craig Schieber, Randall Chaves, Luis Diego Morales y Andrea Días ganaron la Copa Master 2012. Read more.

First Day of the Circuito Nacional Stop #3
Playa Esterillos
Gracias a WipeOut Films

6/1 - Carlos Munoz and Nataly Bernold are the victors in the 4th stop on the CNS tour in Dominical. Read more.

5/11 - Carlos Muñoz takes the Surf for Youth Series in Tamarindo in an epic final! Read more.

5/7 - Carlos Muñoz takes the Surf for Youth Series in Tamarindo in an epic final! Read more.

5/4 - Felicidades to Jair Perez for winning the third stop on the Circuito Nacional in Esterillos Oeste, in front of the hotel Rancho Coral on April 28-29th. Read more and see the results for all categories.

4/26 - Noe Mar McGonagle (CRsurf team rider) wins a bronze medal in the under 16 age group of the Dakine ISA World Junior Championships in Panama. Read more.

4/3 - Noe Mar McGonagle wins the Quiksilver's King of the Groms in Playa Hermosa, and will head to Mexico with Kevin Montiel to compete for the Latin America title. Get details here.

3/29 - Jefferson Tacson wins the 2nd date on the CNS tour in Palo Seco. CRsurf team rider Leilani McGonagle becomes the youngest champ ever, winning the Women's category. Noe Mar McGonagle takes Juniors, and Anthony Flores wins Longboard. See all the results and more photos here.

Upcoming Event: The 13th Annual Robert August "Surf n Turf" Charity Challenge will take place at Playa Avellanas and Hacienda Pinilla on March 29th to the 31st. The Tamarindo Diria will be the host hotel and the Awards Ceremony takes place at Witchs Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo. Donations benefit the non-profit group CEPIA.

3/22 - CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle wins the Juniors Divison of the ALAS Latin Tour in Playa Venao, Panama. In the finals, he scored the contest's only 10 point ride with a backside 360 air. Read more on the ALAS website.

3/14 - Costa Rican sweep! Cali Munoz wins the ALAS Tour Reef Classic in Santa Teresa. CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle takes the Juniors Division, Nataly Bernold earns 1st for the Women, and Anthony Flores is the Longboard master. Check the full results and pics here - LINK.

3/14 -Check out the pics and results from the 1st Skim Jam for 2012 on Facebook.

3/1 - Diego Naranjo wins the first event on CNS tour in Playa Hermosa. Jason Mora surprises the crowd by winning 1st in Juniors, and Danielle Ciminero takes the Women's top prize. CRsurf team rider Noe Mar McGonagle won the Boys Division, and took 2nd in Juniors and Open. Rider Leilani McGonagle wons the Junior Women's Division. Read more and see photos.

Next events:
Playa Dominical - May 19-20
Playa Jaco - June 16-17
Playa Santa Teresa - July 21-22
Playa Hermosa - August 24-26

This year there will be only six categories: Open, Open Femenino, Juniors, Boys (Sub-16), Grommet Femenino (Sub-15) y Longboard.

Reef Costa Rica Classic

Upcoming Event: The ALAS Tour Reef Classic will take place in Santa Teresa on March 8th to the 11th. There will be over $25,000 in prizes with the best surfers in Latin America competing.

2/1 - Here are the results of the Asociacion de Surf Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, and Mal Pais contest that took place last weekend behind La Lora. LINK with photos.

2/1 - Jordan Hernandez wins the 1st Event of the Puerto Viejo Open Pro The final overall winner of the circuit to win $2000. Check out the pics.

2/1 - Frederico Pilurzo wins the Red Bull's Blast from the Past contest in Playa Hermosa. Check out the video on YouTube, thanks to Surfos.

12/28 - The Puerto Viejo Open Pro 2012 circuit will be bigger than ever, with four contests throughout the year showcasing the best Caribbean surf talent. Each date will have $3000 in cash/prizes, and the winner of the 4 events recieves and extra $2000. If you want to sponsor a contest, email Beto.
The current dates are:
January 28th - Salsa Brava
June 23rd - Salsa Brava or Playa Cocles
November 3rd - Playa Hermosa
January 5th - Salsa Brava

ISA Billabong World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa - July 31 to August 9

Click here for our daily photo gallery of the 2009 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games..





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4/1 - Interested to be certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) as instructors of stand up paddle in flat water, level 1 then you want to attend the certification this weekend. Contact: or call 506-8911-0812 / 506-8315-4962 - Location: Bahia Herradura

3/28 - No new cases of Zika in Costa Rica in recent weeks. Read more

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and careers in Kinesiology that are focused on the sport of surfing taking place on some of the best beaches. Read more

3/4 - Actor Josh Brolin Enjoys Surfing in Costa Rica. Read more

3/3 - Public sector employees to have all Holy Week off, Mar. 21-27, in order to promote domestic tourism during the holiday. Read more

3/3 - Barrio Amón unveils daylong cultural festival this Saturday. Read more

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8/19 - Bodhi Surf is having their annual "My Ocean Guardian Journey" - Grand Prize is "7-Day Surf & Yoga Camp for 2". Get details here

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7/20 - WestJet today announced it is launching new non-stop service to Florida, Mexico and Costa Rica, as well as adding more than 85 flights across its growing domestic and international network as part of its winter 2015-2016 flight schedule. Read more

7/20 - New Flights Arriving at Liberia Airport in Costa Rica. Read more

7/20 - TomTom Expands to Costa Rica With Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Read more

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7/4 - On Barva Volcano, a day hike without the crowds. Read more

7/4 - Fourth of July, school vacation romps, and other happenings around Costa Rica. Read more

7/4 - The band 'Faith No More' will be in Costa Rica: September 15th - In the last few years, 'Faith No More' has achieved cult status due to their longevity and a resurgence of interest in the musical styles of the 1990s, which many consider to have been one of the most creative decades in the history of 20th century rock music. The band, which was on hiatus from 1998 to 2009, will perform in Costa Rica with a lineup that include many of the original and longtime band members plus a new and masterful guitar player.

7/3 - Costa Ricans soon won’t need visas to travel to Peru. Read more

7/2 - Several Costa Rican national parks and nature reserves damaged by recent flooding, harsh weather. Read more

7/2 - How to Find the Perfect Beach in Costa Rica. Read more

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6/11 - Alaska Airlines Announces Fare Sale for New Costa Rica Flights, Fares as low as $249 one way from Los Angeles. Read more

6/10 - Will New Regional Airlines Offer Cheaper Flights to Central America? Read more

6/11 - Don't miss out on cheap holiday airfares -- and new flights to Costa Rica. Read more

6/12 - State Dept. Stops Issuing New Overseas Passports, May Relate to Hack. Read more

5/28 - Costa Rica country profile - Read more

5/27 - Volaris Announces New Flights to Costa Rica. Read more

5/08 - Undersea Hunter Group: "Scuba Diving Among Costa Rica’s Sunken Shipwrecks (Video)" Read more

5/22 - Santa Teresa lifeguards get creative to keep beaches safe. Motivated by increased drownings that they perceived as preventable, a group of passionate people in this small, yet increasingly popular beach town have started their own nonprofit lifeguard program, Santa Teresa Lifeguards. According to the Costa Rican Red Cross, since 2010 an average of one person has drowned every four days in Costa Rica. The Santa Teresa Lifeguards hope to reduce the size of this tragedy. But they face obstacles.

5/20 - The 1/10 - A tragedy in the Gulf of Nicoya as a catamaran sinks due to heavy waves and winds. Read more in the Tico Times.


12/19 - Tamarindo Growing Together, the Association for Integral development of Playa Tamarindo and the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo invite to the big fund raising for lifeguards, security, recycling, Oneida park and many more projects of interest for our community. Pangas restaurant, Saturday, 20th, from 4:30pm to 12pm, entrance $10 adults, $5 kids under 10y/o. Raffles, activities for kids, exhibition of sports, cooking and dancing, surf, SUP, skate, reiki, jiujitsu, live music and much more.

9/12 - Costa Rica recorded 1,391,617 tourist arrivals in the first six months of this year, an increase of 5.4% compared to the same period last year, according to data analyzed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. Almost 70% of arrivals were by air, an increase of 7.6% compared to the same period last year. Arrivals to the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) saw a 6.4% increase in arrivals, while the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia (LIR) saw an increase of 12.7%.

9/1 - Thornton Cohen, surf photographer from Tamarindo has created a cool app to find out more about what's happening in Tamarindo. The app has descriptions of the local beaches and surf breaks, hotels and rentals, restaurant options, local emergency information with a quick call button, and more features are being added weekly. It's called Local Knowledge Tamarindo and you can find it in the I-tunes shop - LINK

8/8 - Bodhi Surf School has started a Travelers' Philanthropy Program donating funds to three community service organizations in the Bahia Ballena region.

8/7 - Be ready for higher rates for rental properties as the Costa Rican government is cracking down on home and condo owners renting their places for less than a month. Right now many are avoiding the 13% sales tax.

8/7 - Budget Travel Magazine created this video of four of their favorite adventures to do in Costa Rica - LINK

8/1 - To get a good background on the prospects of ecotourism in Costa Rica, read "Ecotourism comes to the rescue of Costa Rica’s people," by Paul Belz, in the UK's Travel Spirit Magazine.

6/21 - For International Surf Day, Bodhi Surf School sent in this post - What Kind of Surfer Are You? Take the quiz to find out.

6/23 - Pre-Colombian settlements in Costa Rica declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. From

6/1 - Ten Ways to not get your stuff stolen on a surf trip - LINK

11/22 - 3rd Annual ECO Cup Los Suenos Marriott - SUP Race and Expo. November 23rd and 24th at Playa Herradura. See the flyer and the details to sign up here.

11/22 - Here are the winners of the 2013 Hotel La Dolce Vita photo competition. 1st Place - Diane Reed, 2nd - Bert Wiklund, 3rd - Brian Waithe. They truly are beautiful images of Esterillos.

7/28 - Zephyr Palace, a five-star resort near Jacó on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast, has won World Traveler’s leading hotel award for Mexico and Central America.

6/24 -Anywhere Costa Rica has created travel guides for their visitors. Here is one showcasing what to know when Renting a Car in Costa Rica.

5/31 - Cirque Du Soleil will perform as the VAREKAI at Hacienda Espinal at kilometer 17 on the Caldera Highway from May 31st - June 15th. Tickets go on sale to Credomatic customers March 6th with prices ranging from $58 to $270. Varekai includes acrobatics, acting, art from around the world, imaginary worlds, dance, daring, dexterity and grace. Varekai pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition

4/3 - The U.S. Embassy has reported that in the past four weeks, there have been 3 armed robberies of U.S. citizens in the Puerto Viejo area, plus armed invasions of two hotels and one residence. Whenever traveling you should remain vigilent, and not travel alone at night. If you are U.S. citizen needing the embassy's help, call (506) 2519-2000.

3/28 - Kalon Surf to Open New Luxury Hotel in Dominical, Costa Rica. See their press release.

3/13 - Inaugural OceanFIT YOLO Experience, hosted by Vista Guapa Surf Camp in Jaco, Inspires the Soul. Read more.

3/8 - Inaugural OceanFIT YOLO Experience, hosted by Vista Guapa Surf Camp in Jaco, Inspires the Soul. Read more.

3/1 - BEWARE!! CAP (Crime Awareness and Prevention) has learned of several reports of counterfeit bills in denominations of either 10 or 20 mil being received from Bank ATM's from individuals and local businesses. The banks (at this time: Banco Popular, Banco National) deny the bills came from their ATM machines. Because it was not a transaction through an inside teller the banks will not refund the money. There are several ways to determine if money is counterfeit - Find out here.

3/1 - UN agency welcomes General Assembly’s adoption of resolution on ecotourism. Read more.

2/12 - Do you have a special event coming up that you want to share with a large group of family and friends? There is only one Microbrewery Hotel in Costa Rica perched high above beautiful Lake Arenal with views of two volcanoes. Hold it at the Volcano Brewing Lodge to get the best service at an affordable cost. Check their Blog for photos and ideas, and contact Shawna to set up your party and make it memorable.

1/22 - Route 32, the highway to the Caribbean will be getting repair work through the end of March. Look out for detours and lane closures starting this week.

12/28 - The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) estimates that by the end of 2012, 2.3 million tourists will have visited the country this year.

12/21 - A new low cost airline, Rouge, operated by Air Canada, will offer flights from Canada to San Jose and Liberia starting in 2013. Roundtrips start at $389.00.

11/5 - The National Meteorological Institute reported that dry season should start between November 7th-11th for the North Pacific, start in the Central Valley around the 19th, start in Central Pacific around Dec. 14th, and in the South Pacific around Dec. 24th. "El Nino" caused there to be a 15-24% decrease in rainfall along both coastlines.

10/29 - The Canadian airline, WestJet, inaugurated its first trip to Central America on October 29th, in a flight that connects Toronto, Canada, with Liberia. The airline will be travelling twice a week (Mondays and Saturdays) to Costa Rica, using a Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a capacity for 166 passengers. This flight will allow the country to provide 34,528 additional seats to and from Canada per year, its second most important tourism market, after the United States.

Puerto Viejo Chocolate Festival - October 26-28th. Read more on about the event on their Facebook page.

10/24 - Uvita Surf Camps Surf and Service Programs are geared for travelers who want to surf and give back to the Costa Rica surf community. Learn more.

10/24 - Over 100 paddlers participate in SUP clinic held in Punta Leona. More here.

10/20 - New Traffic Law posts driving fines for Costa Rica. See how much for speeding here - LINK

10/18 - Lisa Andersen "Champ Camp" hosts a new batch womens' champions. Read more.

10/15 - For the second time in a week, an earthquake with a magnitude greater than 5 hit Costa Rica’s pacific coast. The earthquake registered a magnitude-5.2, and was centered 13km Southwest of Parrita. No damage or injuries have been reported. The first 5.3 quake occured 27 miles south of Liberia.

9/5 - Costa Rica Earthquake - Hojacha, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. A 7.6 earthquake was reported at 8:49 a.m., 10 km NE of the town of Hojancha on the Nicoya Peninsula. Read more.

8/10 - Resort La Dolce Vita is holding their 2nd annual photo contest,now through November 15th. Send in your photos to win nights at their lodging in Esterillos plus other great prizes. LINK.

7/21 - Help Costa Rican photographer Esteban Delgado win the National Geographic Traveler photo contest by voting on his outstanding Isla Damas photo here - LINK

7/5 - Not sure what the waves or weather will be like for your trip? Check out our monthly surf travel report written for the Beachside Resident.


5/2 - Finding Utopia is now available via this movie link

4/26 - School of the World founder and photographer Zach McDuffie has a photo in a contest sponsored by Cultural Xplorers, a great non-profit. Check it out and vote!

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