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Five Tips to Protect your Belongings while on the Beach in Costa Rica

Tips to Protect Valuables while in Costa Rica

I saw it with own to eyes as I was driving down the beach trail. A middle aged man was running from the beach towards his bike with a bag in his hands, and he stuffed the bag into a bigger backpack. I yelled out ‘What are you doing?” and he just jumped on his bike and peddled off quickly through some deep water puddles and kept going into the rainforest. Then I called the police, although they were too far away to be any help.

Also there was an experience where I left my phone and wallet in my shorts on the front seat of a friend’s SUV and when I got back from surfing, found that a thief had broken the back window of his ride and grabbed my shorts with everything in it. The key to the rental car alone cost me $450.00.

With summer vacations around the corner, it is easy to let yourself forget that there are selfish people out there who would take your belongings. What would you do if someone stole your phone, wallet, and passport while you took a dip in the ocean? We have some tips on how to protect your stuff at the beach and prevent these events from happening.

1. Leave your most valuable items at your hotel or rental home, or worst case – in the rental car. If you don’t bring anything valuable to the beach, there won’t be much for thieves to go after. It’s best if your car is parked where you can see all the doors and have the trunk face the beach. If you are sitting far away from your car, hide belongings under the floor mats or in the spare tire storage where it can’t be seen and would take more time to find.

2. Speak to your neighbors on the beach. If you say hi to them and ask how they are doing, they may empathize with you and speak up if someone tries to take your items. You could also ask them to keep an eye on your stuff and they might be more willing to if you have already talked to them.

3. Hide valuables in unsuspecting places. Hide your items in unsuspecting places, like in an unused baby diaper or fake trash bag. 

4. Bury your treasures. Bring a sealable bag to the beach and you can put items like your phone or money inside. Then dig a small hole underneath your towel or blanket. Put the bag in the hole and cover it up. This way nothing appears in the open for someone to steal.

5. Make backup copies. If you bring any important documents like your passport or driver’s license to the beach, it’s always a good idea to have copies of them somewhere else, like back at the hotel. One suggestion is to take a picture of your passport, both the opening page with your information and the page that has your entry stamp on it.

If you are headed to Costa Rica and want to feel at ease while traveling, why not purchase travel insurance through our partners at Travel Insured. They offer affordable policies that protect your health and valuables, and offer quick assistance should you need to file a claim.  Also, you can contact us at travel@crsurf.comor toll free at 877-SURF-007 to plan your entire Costa Rica vacation.


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