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Costa Rica Travel Health Tips for Surf Trips

10 Ways to not get sick from Montezuma's revenge, traveler's diarrhea, and other related ailments while traveling. Contaminated food and drink are most common ways to get an infection.

Sometimes you may feel like this girl - Lola the Pig - Avellanas
Sometimes you may feel like this girl - Lola the Pig - Avellanas

1. When travelling abroad, do not forget that drinking another country's water can be dangerous or justmake you sick. Remember: if the tap water is not safe to drink in the area you are visiting,

2. Do not use tap water to make juice or to rinse fresh fruits and vegetables. Stick with bottled or boiled water, carbonated soft drinks, beer, wine, boiled coffee, and tea.

3. Make sure bottled water is factory sealed before opening. The bottles may have been refilled, if the seals are not intact.

4. Only brush your teeth with bottled water and keep your mouth shut when you are in the shower, even an accidental spray may get you sick.

5. Do not use ice, even in the better hotels and restaurants. Tap water may have been used in the preparation.

6. In areas where hygiene and sanitation are inadequate, avoid salads, uncooked vegetables, and unpasteurized milk and milk products such as cheese.

7. Only eat raw fruits and vegetables that can be peeled.

8. Avoid street food when possible, especially in areas where sanitation is questionable.

9. Eat yogurt. The enzymes can help with digestion.

10. Keep clean. Hand washing is one of the most important practices in preventing illness from infections while travelling.







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