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Map of Tamarindo, thanks to TamarindoBeach.net

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Latest Surf Report from ~ Witchs Rock Surf Camp - Tamarindo


Inside Scoop

Tamarindo is a mecca for Europeans and Americans (from Canada all the way to Chile) to vacation. It's not just for surfers ~ but anyone looking to relax near the beach. Millions of dollars have been spent on high-class developments, but the locals that live just out of town are still the friendliest in Central America. Visit soon, before concrete and pavement cover up the natural beauty of this region. And if you surf, the dry season's Papagayo winds blow offshore all day long. 

Thorten Cohen, surf photographer from Tamarindo has created a cool app to find out more about what's happening in Tamarindo. The app has descriptions of the local beaches and surf breaks, hotels and rentals, restaurant options, local emergency information with a quick call button, and more features are being added weekly. It's called Local Knowledge Tamarindo and you can find it in the I-tunes shop - LINK

Also check out Tamarindo Homepage, the Tamarindo Beach Business Directory.

Getting There

From San Jose, drive west towards Orotina. Then you can either take the ferry from Puntarenas (longest route, but most scenic) - take the bridge across the Tempisque River (a quick, scenic route but watch out for the policia catching speeders on both sides!) or drive 2 hours up to Liberia and then west for another 2 hours (the safest route). During the rainy season, the trees envelope the road in a tunnel of foilage. In the dry season, the suns blazes down on a dusty tan horizon. 

Costa Rica Bulletins - Anuncios
Upcoming Events: Dia de Guanacaste (Guanacaste Day) - This event, held on July 25th, celebrates the annexation of Guanacaste from Nicaragua in 1824. Street fiestas, folk dancing, horse shows/parades, traditional bullfights and rodeos are just some of the events available. This is an official government and bank holiday and most businesses are closed.
FELICIDADES to Michael and Sifoo at SPROUT Restaurant in Playa Tamarindo on the birth of their daughter MacKensie on May 25th!
Thornton Cohen, surf photographer from Tamarindo has created a cool app to find out more about what's happening in Tamarindo. The app has descriptions of the local beaches and surf breaks, hotels and rentals, restaurant options, local emergency information with a quick call button, and more features are being added weekly. It's called Local Knowledge Tamarindo and you can find it in the I-tunes shop - LINK
Surfrider Foundation International Surfing Day in Tamarindo

June is WRSC appreciation month! And because WRSC appreciates all our guests so much, for the first time in WRSC history, they are giving away a free surf trip! That’s right…a free, 1 week stay at their beachfront hotel with whatever surf program you choose. The total value of this package comes just shy of $2,000!

Here’s how to enter: Everyone who books their trip in June (starting June 1st and ending June 30 at 11:59pm) is eligible to enter our WRSC appreciation contest. But to win this contest, you’ll have to get creative. Shoot a video, record a song, take a photo…  Use whatever creative medium you’d like to express your appreciation for WRSC. If you’re a writer, write something, if you’re a painter, paint something. Let your inner creativity lead you into a free one week stay in paradise!

So what’s the first step? Book your trip ASAP! Only clients who book during the month of June are eligible*…… so contact us now. (*Booking during the month of June doesn’t mean coming here is June. Book your trip for whenever, just call and reserve during this month)

Submissions can be sent through Email, Facebook (Witch’s Rock Fan /or friend page,) or Instagram. The submissions will be viewed and voted on by an exclusive panel of Witch’s Rock judges and the finalists will be posted on Facebook for a final vote by the fans! All entries must be submitted BEFORE July 10.

The winner of the contest can either take the 100 percent off their previously booked trip or can make plans for another free trip sometime in the future. Blackout dates apply* & availability dependent

So now that you’re all booked, let your creative mind flow! There are no limits to what you can submit, but it must be original. Think outside the box, show them something unique, throw some paint to the canvas, and unleash your creative intuition! Pura Vida!

Blackout dates (Dec 20-Jan 3)*

From Seafari Costa Rica: Diego Monge Tattoo artist, has a new studio in Plaza Tamarindo Local A-08 he does Tattoo, Body Piercing, Micro-dermal, Scarification, etc. Open from Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm, appointments call: 88207691

Get a custom Robert August surfboard hand-shaped by the man himself! Email us to find out how.

Local Isaac Vega wins the inaugural event on the Circuito Guanacasteco!


Feb 8th-9th in Marbella - *****
Mar 8th-9th in Playa Avellanas - ****
Apr 12th-13th in Tamarindo - *****
May 10th-11th in Playa Negra - *****

Check out the WipeOut Films video from the first stop on the Circuito Guanacasteco in Tamarindo on YouTube

Circuito Guanacaste by Waves Costa Rica

2/21 - Find out more about Las Tortugas and the role ecotourism plays in the conservation struggle on YouTube.

Surfrider Beach Cleanup:
Meet at the recycling tent at 9 a.m. the second Saturday of each month.

Meeting at the Surf Club Sports Bar in Playa Langosta on the last Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Witch's Rock Pirate Radio can now be heard every Friday from 5-7pm on Costa Rica's 99.5 fm.  The show is broadcast live from the Eat @ Joe's restaurant within Witch's Rock Surf Camp.

Help Save the Monkeys! The group SalveMonos Tamarindo is working to protect the howler monkeys and other species that live around Tamarindo and rest of the Nicoya Peninsula. They use donations for building rope bridges over roads and teaching locals about them.

Catch the FULL VERSION of the Movie Fe de Agua - filmed in Tamarindo!!

Fe de Agua - filmed in Tamarindo

For updated news of what's happening in Tamarindo, visit:

The Howler
Tamarindo News

CHECK OUT the 2010 Tamarindo Phone Book - online here..


Tamarindo Vista Villas is offering 25% off for all of October on all available rooms.

H2O Go South (boat surf trips to Witchs Rock and Ollies Point) will include free video and pics of your session if you book and let us know you saw our surf report on CRsurf.com. Come with us and score two of Costa Rica's most perfect and uncrowded surf spots.

Rich Coast Diving is offering combo surf and dive packages with accommodations starting at $220 per person with lodging. An open water diving course and a 5 night stay is $475. If you are interested, send us a note.

Get a 20% discount at Cafe Playa Negra just by mentioning CRSURF when making your reservation!

Costa Rica Surf Institute is now offering 10% OFF if you just mention CRSURF when you contact them.

From Witchs Rock Surf Camp:

Our return guests are always referring their friends and family, and we love you for it! Now we're offering a little extra incentive to send your friends: Every time a friend books at least a 7 day/7 night package with us and mentions your name as the referral, you'll each get a $50 credit (you get $50 credit for sending the referral, and your friend gets $50 credit for telling us who sent them). If you send us a bunch of friends, you could rack up a nice bar tab to use the next time you come down, or even pay for your next visit!

SPECIAL!! What a better way to commemorate a special life event than by learning to surf or going on a surf trip in Costa Rica with family & friends. You can also just enjoy your Costa Rican family & friends here at the Surf Camp if you decide you want to come down by yourself and celebrate your birthday with a solo surf trip.

So with that in mind, they are excited to announce their Birthday, Anniversary, and Honeymoon Deals on Surf Packages.

Here's how each works:

Witch's Rock Surf Camp Honeymoon Package

Your Deal: 10% discount off regularly priced Surf Camp package + special Honeymoon care package*

Witch's Rock Surf Camp Anniversary Package

Your Deal: Number of years married = The % of discount received off regularly priced Surf  Camp package+ special Anniversary care package*

Witch's Rock Surf Camp Birthday Package

Your Deal: Your age divided by 2 = The % discount received off regularly priced Surf Camp package + special Birthday care package*

*Special Care Packages can include the following (all dependent on time of year, weather, # of people in your group):

  • Beachfront Dinner
  • Guest appearance on Live Pirate Radio show
  • Customized celebratory cake
  • Access to our creative team
  • Mariachis
  • Flowers, flowers, more flowers
  • Bar tab for Eat at Joe's or El Vaquero
  • Custom Tee shirts or Rashguards
  • Bonfires on the beach
  • Anything else within reason!
  • CONTACT US to help plan your WRSC surf vacation.

    Surf Spots

    Tamarindo Bay looks beautiful from a balcony at the Best Western Vista Villas, but it also looked small. The rivermouth was waist high with 5 longboarders and 30 other friends and fiends, so I took the short paddle across the Tam. rivermouth and walked about a mile into the "park" or yet undeveloped quiet white sand beach. I sat for about 40 minutes with my board under a tree, reading a book, when I looked up and said - "DAMN !!!" The dropping tide made the wave hit the sandbars perfectly, left and right fast mini-barrels in the head high range. You can see the bottom 10 feet down it's so clear. No one was within 200 yards as I snatched a left, then a right, then a left - using a piece of driftwood on the beach to line up the sweet spot. Too big, and it closes out.

    The Tamarindo rivermouth breaks better on lower tides, and the size can look smaller from the beach than what it really is. Dominated by longboarders and locals, the wave can shack up and give surfers 100 yard rights. The best swells have more west in them and it works best from waist high to 1 foot overhead. When it's bigger it shuts down.

    Right in front of Witchs Rock Surf Camp is the main beach in Tamarindo where the beginners learn to surf. It is usually small, knee to chest high, and when it is bigger closes out. It is best from mid to high tide. It can be a bit polluted in the middle of the rainy season, so keep your ears clean.

    Right behind the Tamarindo Diria the beach is thinner and there are a string of rocks that go out about 150 yards. Depending on the swell size and tide, a wave breaks off both sides of the rocks, producing lefts that go for about 200 meters or longer and rights about 150 meters. Watch out for rocks at lower tides and beginners at high tides. This spot is also localized, so respect the order in the lineup. Breaks best at head high to 2 feet overhead.


    Other Surf Spots

    Surf Break


    Ollie's Point This right hand point break works best on low to mid tides. At high tide breaks really close to the beach, but it is still fun with southwest swells. Rides can go on for 400 meters and throw barrels. It is only accessible by boat, and you must pay an entry fee to the Santa Rosa National Park, $10 pp. Only a limited number of boats are allowed in the park so there will not be over 50 people, but that is a lot since there is only three sections to sit on. Without a swell the waves are only longboardable. Make sure your boat captain has permission to enter the park or you could lose the $250-350 you paid for the trip. 
    Witch's Rock

    Witchs Rock, or Roca Bruja, is inside the Santa Rosa National Park. The wave is accessible by a 4wd vehicle for most of the year, with sparse camping - bring your own water and bug repellent. Lots of boats come in, make sure they are licensed to enter the park (cost $80 pp + $10 entrance fee). The waves are clean, with lots of offshore winds especially from December to April. Picks up swells from the SSW and SW and can throw barrels. Best wave size is chest high to two feet overhead, any bigger and it tends to close out. Best tide to surf it is mid to high tide. It is most crowded by the rock and rivermouth, but the whole beach has waves. Beware of crocs and a few sharks during turtle nesting season.

    The Labyrinth A sketchy right hander that breaks at lower tides when the rocks are exposed. Can throw a mean barrel and produce a workable shoulder for about 60 yards before it pounds shut on the rocks. Boat access only, make sure your captain is permitted to enter the Santa Rosa National Park.
    Playa Grande

    A beachbreak that works best from chest high to 3 feet overhead. When it's big it tends to break way outside and then reform about 100 yards off the beach. Lots of barrels and fun sections to smack. Best tide is mid tide coming in. At dead high there's some backwash, low tide has mostly closeouts. The break can get most crowded from June-August and December to April, but there are empty peaks up and down the beach. Do not leave stuff in your car as there is a lot of theft. Best place to stay is Hotel Las Tortugas, right on the break with secure parking, great food, and a pool.

    Tamarindo Rivermouth The rivermouth breaks better on lower tides, and the size can look smaller from the beach than what it really is. Dominated by longboarders and locals, the wave can shack up and give surfers 100 yard rights.
    Playa Tamarindo Right in front of Witchs Rock Surf Camp is the main beach in Tamarindo where the beginners learn to surf. It is usually small, knee to chest high, and when it is bigger closes out. It is best from mid to high tide.
    Pico Pequeño Right behind the Tamarindo Diria the beach is thinner and there are a string of rocks that go out about 150 yards. Depending on the swell size and tide, a wave breaks off both sides of the rocks, producing lefts that go for about 200 meters or longer and rights about 10 meters. Watch out for rocks at lower tides and beginners at high tides. This spot is also localized, so respect the order in the lineup. Breaks best at head high to 2 feet overhead.

    Playa Langosta

    The waves break over a rocky shelf, with more sandy stretches to the south of the rivermouth. Watch for the boils at lower tides to find a hollow peak. Best size is chest high to 3 feet overhead, when it's bigger can close out. The main break is behind the Barcelo Langosta, but they have made it nearly impossible to park near there. You'll find a few spots to park about 200 meters north. The rights during a swell with a lot of west in it can go for over 200 meters. The crowds are a bit lighter here due to the poor access, but the Barcelo guests think they own the peak, and the locals don't give up many waves.
    Avellanas - Little Hawaii

    At the northern end of Playa Avellanas, well past the rivermouth, are a series of rock outcroppings that at the right tide produce some great lefthanders. It's best when many other spots are closing out because it is too big. Very remote so do not get injured, and don't leave your stuff unattended.

    Avellanas - Beachbreak

    When you pull up to the beach you will see a giant hog. She has been there for years greeting visitors and lying in the shade under the mangroves. There is semi-secure parking, but don't leave stuff in your car. To the south are a bunch of rock shelves, so be careful during all lower tides. To the north is the beachbreak, which works best at waist high to a foot overhead. Waves are easy to catch, have some fun sections, and sometimes throw a thin lip to duck under. When it is any bigger it usually closes out. The crowds thin out the farther north you walk, and the best tide to surf are higher tides. There is only one hotel here on the beach, Cabinas Las Olas, which has trails through the mangroves leading to the shore leaving the view unspoiled by development. Other small hotels are across from the the road, about 1/2 kilometer from the beach.

    Playa Negra

    Negra is a mostly right breaking wave and my favorite tube ride on the Pacific. The water is a deep blue, and the barrels are formed perfectly when the tide and swell are right. It works best from head high to double overhead, any bigger and it closes out. A few lefts come through if it's smaller, but you end up in the rocks which at low tide is sketchy. Speaking of sketchy, don't leave stuff in your vehicle as theft is rampant. Best tide to surf for many is lower to mid tides, but at high tide can also be fun if there is some size.

    Playa Junquillal

    A remote stretch of salt and pepper sand and empty waves south of Playa Negra and north of Marbella. It is not surfed a lot since the peaks come at different tides and disappear when the tide gets too high or too low. At lower tides you can see the rock ledges that make the waves break farther outside.


    This beach has two main breaks. A beachbreak to the north that works best at mid to high tides and can break bigger when other spots are small. It also gets hollow and can provide some quick rights. The second break to the south is a left point break off a rock shelf that works best at lower tides. Waves can go for about 200 yards with a big shoulder for cutbacks, but not tuberides. The crowd is usually heavier at the beachbreak and there a lot of locals that surf it so give them respect.   


    Price Range
    (506) 8827-0540
    Playa Langosta
    Description: Located in the heart of beautiful Playa Langosta, less than one block away from the beautiful white sand beach, you can enjoy this private and cozy refuge. The Inn consists of two 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. Plus there are two studio apartments for up to four guests, and two individual rooms. All have AC, Cable TV, and Wifi. Common areas include a swimming pool, gazebo and BBQ area, fire pit, plus a laundry room and parking area. Surfboards and bikes are available for guests to use with no charge. It's all surrounded by beautiful multicolor gardens and the constant ocean breeze.
    US 800-536-3241
    $49 - $179+
    Description: At Vista Villas they have all the right ingredients for an all around great Costa Rica vacation. Whether you are here to relax, have fun, surf, or explore some of Costa Rica’s natural wonders, they take pride in calling ourselves a great - and affordable - Tamarindo hotel! Their family-run establishment is one of the three original hotels in Tamarindo and has a rich history of superb hospitality and amazing memories. Often times, large hotels lose that warm, "home" feel to them. Their English-speaking staff will not only serve you, but will make you feel like you are part of the family. We have single rooms to multi family suites with a view of the surf break at the Tamarindo Rivermouth. Plus there is a large pool and restaurant/bar servings meals throughout the day and night, and a long-running Friday Night Salsa Dance party.
    (506) 2682-8206
    Playa Marbella
    Description: Nestled in the heart of Marbella, you will find The Marbella Surf Inn a quaint hotel "surftique" within walking distance to a world class surfing beach. They offer 6 suites that are tastefully furnished with an ideal blend of modern amenities, local hard woods, and a peaceful natural setting. Each suite is equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, fresh Costa Rican coffee, wet bar, safety deposit box, cable television, hot water, ceiling fans, Wi – Fi internet, a relaxing atmosphere by the pool or in the pool, 24 hour security, secure parking, and comfortable front and back private balconies in a natural ambiance surrounded by the wildlife that this corner of paradise has to offer.
    2653-0480 Fax: 2652-9272
    Playa Grande
    Description: The RipJack Inn has eight individually decorated rooms nestled among lush foliage that includes banana, palm, and almond trees, tropical flowers and much more. Our cabinas are located in a separate building just steps away from the pool. Cabinas have a queen size bed, a single bed, private bath with hot water, air conditioning, and ceiling fan. Cabinas are equipped with in room safes, coffee makers, mini-fridge and cable television. The hotel features Upstairs @ the RipJack that boasts a panoramic ocean view and some of the finest cuisine in all of Costa Rica. During your stay, take advantage of our onsite yoga, massage and surf lessons.
    Playa Grande

    Description: Hotel Las Tortugas is perfectly positioned in the center of Playa Grande, just steps from the main peak which is one of Costa Rica's most consistent surf breaks. Guests revel in the luxury of staying at the only beachfront hotel in the area with a pool, jacuzzi, garden with hammocks, and open-air restaurant and bar all just steps from the water's edge. Eleven rooms all have AC and private hotwater bathrooms. Economy rancho rooms on the property for the traveler on a budget. The rancho rooms all have their own private hotwater baths and air-conditioning.

    Certificate of Sustainable Tourism

    2652-9315 Fax: 2652-9331

    Description: Hotel Cabinas Olas has 24 hrs of security, parking lot, maid service, as well as ten spacious and beautiful cabinas. All cabinas offer a terrace and hammock, double and single orthopedic beds, safety box, ceiling fans, private bathroom with hot water. The Restaurant/Bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, specializing in international and typical Costa Rican food; including vegetarian options.

    Certificate of Sustainable Tourism

    (506) 2653-1311
    $120+ Certificate of Sustainable Tourism
    Playa Negra
    Recommend your favorite spot.
    House and Villas Rentals
    Playa Langosta

    Surf Shops

    Witchs Rocks Surf Shop
    Frijoles Locos Surf Shop in Playa Grande
    Cheboards (Surfboard factory and repairs)
    Kelly's Surf Shop
    Secret Spot Surf Shop
    Robert August Surf Shop
    Matos Surf Shop
    Tamarindo Surf School
    Mango Surf and Skate
    Iguana Surf Shop
    Los Pargos Surf Shop in Playa Negra
    Recommend your favorite spot.

    Surf Camps



    WB Surf Camp in Tamarindo

    WB Surf Camp

    CPR/1st Aid
    Description: This unique Luxury Costa Rica Learn to Surf Camp Retreat takes place just two weeks a year. Designed specifically for beginners this ultimate vacation provides clients with a worry-free learn to surf retreat facilitated by their team of certified instructors. No experience surfing? No worries. Their expert staff will coach you every step of the way, ensuring you stay safe while experiencing the thrill of riding waves in Costa Rica. By surfing in a small group setting (3:1 ratio or better), beginners will notice their ability and confidence level soar as they receive individualized instruction each day. Accommodations are at the Tamarindo Diria Hotel.
    Description: Whether you are a pro surfer, or looking to learn; a seasoned backpacker or looking for an affordable place to stay; enjoy beach life or be active, Blue Trailz is your choice in Tamarindo. They offer private and dorm rooms all generously equipped with AC, hot showers and kitchen facilities, including fridges, microwaves and stoves. Their common area provides a great place to relax and have fun with fellow guests from all over the world. The Blue Trailz surf shop offers you quality products and services including new and second hand surf boards, ding repair, surf accessories and surf apparel. They also offer Trek bike rentals and guided mountain bike tours catering to all levels of cyclists.

    Description: WAYRA Instituto de Español offers since 1996 Spanish classes to foreign students and residents. Our Swiss and Latin American managed school, operates in a pristine environment and offers an ideal setting for people that are interested in learning Spanish by following a full immersion program. Instituto Cervantes WAYRA Instituto de Español is approved by the Instituto de Cervantes as an official DELE examination Center and our courses are also accepted in different German provinces. Their popular Spanish & Surf program runs from 1-4 weeks and includes the use of a surfboard.

    Check out their video showcasing their surf program here - LINK


    Tamarindo and Nosara
    Description: Surf Vacations for surfers of all levels and abilities. The beginner surfer / student will join their Costa Rica Surf Camps. Surf camp guests enjoy hands on surf instruction while learning the proper surfing techniques necessary to consistently catch fun waves. They will have you riding waves your first day. Intermediate to advanced surfers looking to surf Costa Rica's best surf breaks will join their Guided Surf Tours. For surfers that already have the basics down, but are still looking for surf instruction, the Performance Surf Coaching is a great option.
    1-888-318-SURF or 2653-1262

    Description: Beachfront location with one of the world's absolute best learn-to-surf waves directly in front of them. Witch's Rock Surf Camp has been offering their services for 10 years, and WRSC recently celebrated 60,000 surf lessons. There are many world-class surf breaks close by, so experienced surfers who want excellent waves also stay and let them take care of everything. Hotel has an ocean view from every room.

    The open-air beachfront restaurant Eat at Joe's is the busiest spot in town with a great mix of Costa Rican classics, Tex-Mex and Gringo favorites, Sushi Bar, and a recently opened Coffee Bar. They also have a beautiful new beachfront garden area where you can enjoy cold beer at the picnic tables with spectacular views. The Witch's Rock Surf Shop is fully stocked with top surf brands, a good selection of WRSC tees and rashguards, and all the necessities you need on vacation.

    (US) 425-442-5119
    Description: Students who participate in their surf program are not limited to simple surf lessons. Rather they recieve a comprehensive 'wave education'. Their instructors teach wave theory, surf technique and employ methods such as video-analysis and yoga to ensure that surf students get the most out of their lessons. This combined with Spanish Lessons and a choice of accommodations, from private apartments to homestays, make CRSI a wise choice for a Tamarindo vacation.
    ISA Acredited + CPR
    Description: Costa Rica Surf Club Surf Shops based in Tamarindo Beach provide Surfing services such a Surfboard Rentals, Surf School, Surf Trips, Surf Camp packages and on site Ding Repair. We are committed to make your vacation or surf getaway in Costa Rica easy, fun and memorable, providing high end equipment, open Surf Lesson schedules and affordable Surf Tours to the Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica, Surfing is our life and we appreciate the fact of living our dream here. Pura Vida from CRSC!
    Tamarindo & Dominical
    Description: Children's Spanish, Art and Sports Camp – This is the only children’s Spanish camp of its kind in Latin America. Each day, Monday through Friday in July, they combine two hours of fun and interactive, age appropriate Spanish language classes with lunch, games at the beach, soccer games with local children and a number of adventure activities. The six hours that the students are in the program from 8am to 2pm are designed to expose children to the Spanish language and the culture of Costa Rica. Their goal is to have the kids learn Spanish while having fun on the beach in Costa Rica. The camp is available to children ages 6 to 12.
    Quiksilver Camp
    Description: Waves Costa Rica Quiksilver & Roxy Surf Camp is located at the Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas hotel, the best ocean view in town. Owned by local surfers, it’s the only All Girls Surf Camp in Tamarindo. Their instructors are certificated lifeguards and ISA (International Surfing Association) certificated instructors as well. They offer you a surf shop, surfboard rentals, surf lessons, surf guides, tours, and adventures.
    Recommend your favorite spot.

    Favorite Restaurants

    Surfers Sports Bar - Langosta - Drinks
    La Laguna de Cocodrilo - Tamarindo - Bakery/Pizza

    Playa de Coco

    Recommended Tours

    Scuba Video of Catalina Island, Costa Rica, filmed by Bill Beard Costa Rica


    Sunset Sailing Cruise
    Kayaking the Tamarindo Estuary
    Night-time turtle watching (November-March)
    Canopy Zipline Tour
    4x4 Backcountry Tour

    YouTube Video from Iguana Surf showcasing tours and activities in Tamarindo:

    Need Spanish Lessons?

    Want to learn Spanish on your own time while visiting Tamarindo? Diana Zimmerman offers private Spanish classes. She is bilingual and has several years of experience. She will conduct the class at her home and during a time that works for you. Email her for more information and scheduling.

    Student Globe Spanish School in Tamarindo



    (click for area description)

    Playa Grande

    Hotel Las Tortugas

    Louis at Hotel Las Tortugas

    7/23 - This has been a dream week in Playa Grande. Perfect conditions and head high to just overhead waves - the perfect size for excellent surf here without current and with well defined peaks. The surfing high tides are moving to the afternoon this week, but with non stop off shores it might not be a factor, except for the afternoon glare. The swell rested on Wed but should be strong enough on Thurs. as it comes back up for the week end. The crowds have been light except for the occasional surf schools which are not so much of a problem when you learn how to go around a prone beginner going straight on the shoulder and ignore the hyped surf guide pushing you from behind on his long board. The water is warm and clear in spite of the steady off shores.


    Seafari Costa Rica

    Alejandro at Seafari Costa Rica

    7/23 - It has been a fun mid size swell 4-5ft in South facing spots, Tamarindo did not get the best of it, perhaps 2-3ft in the best sets, lots of people at the River mouth and Piko pequeno, on the bright side its been clear sky and off shore winds every day. Avellanas and Junquillal reported 3-5ft in the best days with up to 5 waves per set, not so crowded in the point breaks, nice lefts at La Purruja on Friday with the out going tides. At Pasatiempo Hotel, enjoy and play at the Acoustic Open Mike Jam Session at Pasatiempo it wouldn't be the same without you! Every Saturday, starts at 7:30pm.

    Playa Negra

    Larry at Playa Negra Realty

    Playa Negra Realty
    7/23 - Lots of fun surf to be had this past week. This coming week looks the same. Boohooo! We have a couple south swell bumps this week followed by a nice little long period SW'er. The beach breaks will be barreling through the weekend and the reefs by early next week!​ ​Winds will be consistently offshore for the next week. This is not normal but we'll take it! Keep in mind that we are in drought conditions here and do your best to conserve water while hanging around here.​ ​Big golf tournament in Reserva Conchal August 2nd and 3rd. Proceeds to benefit Surf for Youth and some cool senior citizens. Click on my logo if you want more information. Pura Vida and stay safe!​


    Brayan at SurfingNosara.com

    7/22 - Another sunny morning in Playa Guiones, off shore winds, chest to shoulder high range waves. Not many people in the water, the season is starting to slow down so, if you want to score some waves with little crowds, this is your time to come to Nosara! If you want to book a house or have any area questions, send us an email.





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